Delayed Retirement Credits

Can I File For 6 Months Of Retroactive Benefits And Then Immeditately Suspend My Benefits?

My birthday is in December, I am 67 years old, and still working. Next month, my 1st year of DRC's will appear on the "my Social Security" website. If I understand the rules correctly, I can file for benefits up to six months retroactive, receive a lump sum check, and then immediately suspend my benefits. The DRC "clock" will start back up and the only penalty is I will lose 6 months of DRC's. Is that correct?


How Will I Receive My Delayed Retirement Credits?

I'm planning to file for my delayed social security retirement benefits on Sept 2018. I will be 68.5 years old. Will I receive my first check in Oct 2018 for 21 months of delayed credits and then in Jan 2019 receive the full 30 months of delayed credits? My birthday is March 4th 1950. I initially wanted to delay credits until I was age 70 but am running out of money. Thanks for your advice.


Is It True That I'll Get My Age 68 Rate If I Start Drawing 6 Months Before Then?

Hi Larry,

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On July 15, 2017 I turned 67 years old. In Dec 2017, I will be close to 67.5 yrs old. It means that I will be only six-months shy of my 68th birthday. I was told that within six month of my 68th B'day, I will be entitled to get full benefits equivalent to my 68 yrs age. What I mean that I don't have to wait until July 15, 2018, instead I can get start claiming the same amount equal to my 68th birthday when I claim in Dec 2017 or Jan 2018. Please advise.


Can I Avoid A Delay In Receiving Delayed Retirement Credits By Filing Effective With January?

My question relates to DRC payments. My wife and I were born in Sept 1953 and May 1951 respectively. Your software’s maximized spousal strategy suggests we both choose an entitlement month of December 2019. She’ll file a restricted application for half of my FRA. Presumably my DRCs will initially only be calculated as of December 2018, then recouped later. However, waiting one month until January 2020 changes the maximized outcome very little. Is it possible we can avoid the delay in my full DRCs by both filing for a January 2020 entitlement? Thanks!


Will My Benefit Increase If I Defer Claiming Until Age 70 Even If I Don't Have Income?

Dear Larry,
if i stop working 2 years before I turn 70 and have 0 income and then claim benefits, I assume Zero wouid be averaged into the 35 years. If I run the calculator on website when i turn 66 in 2018 my benefit is $2341/mo; at 70 it is $3164 if I were to continue earning what I earn now. I have worked 35 years as of this year.
Will my benefit increase if I defer claiming until I am 70 even if i do not have income?
thank you very much.


Can I Get An 8% Increase In My Benefit Rate?

Hello! Currently 69yo, I have had severe heart disease since age 59 (2007); I received disablity "confirmation" within 24 hours (!!!) and rec'd SSDI for the allotted time (48 months I think). Then my SS switched to regular SS at the rate I would have rec'd by taking retirement at 63 - but I didn't retire, I was unable to work. If I were able to work, I would have until age 70 (easily). A friend told me that I could get an 8% increase in my SS payments because I have been/am disabled. True? If so, how do I go about making this happen? Thanks, -Nan

Hi Nan,

Can I Start Drawing My Benefits Now And Then Suspend Them After FRA?

I am 65 and 5 months. My FRA is 66. No one else can get benefits on my account. If I filed right now my benefit would be $1572.00 per month. I am not working right now but I am looking for work. I have debt that I am anxious to pay off . I am living on a $1200. per month pension right now. My concerns are if I file now, pay off my a debt and (being at FRA by then) can I suspend my benefits? If I do that will my future benefit increase by 8% per year?

Will Waiting Until Age 70 Increase My Rate Even If I Stop Working?

Hi there! I will turn 66 (FRA) in November of 2018. I plan to work until July 1, 2019. If I postpone collecting Social Security benefits until age 70, will my benefits increase during the 4 year period from age 66 to 70, even though I have stopped working and am not paying into Social Security during those 4 years? Thanks!


Should I Be Entitled To Additional Back Pay?

I postponed retiring until age 67 in 8/16 - SS incorrectly calculated I was to received benefits based on the age of 66 1/2. When I finally got the age issue straighten out I was told I would receive retro benefits for the delayed retirement.
Today I am being told I am owed retro benefits from January 2017 instead of back to Aug 2016 when they made the wrong age calculation. What can I do to get the retro benefit amount for 2016 paid to me?