Child Benefits

Can My Friend Receive Benefits For Her Child?


I have a friend who is 26 and not working. On March 20, 2016 her 58 year old boy friend was killed by a person who was in a high speed pursuit by police, in North Highlands, Ca. They lived together and have a daughter who just turned Two on July 3, 2016. Her boy friend was self employed as a Landscaper. I'm not sure if he did not pat his taxes or did not claim to work. But I know when she applied for benefits for their daughter she was denied .She was told he did not have enough credits for the baby to qualify.

Can We Get Child's Benefits for Our Grandson?


My husband and I are raising our 8 year old grandson. Their mother is in prison and father no where to be found. We are both working fulltime and are on social security as well. What do I need to do in order for my grandson to receive benefits. He is on Medicaid now. Will he continue to be on medicaid if we get legal custody. All we have is a signed affadavit from Mother for us to take care of him.

Can a Child of a Resident Alien Receive a Child's Benefit?


Hi, I'm a late 50s US resident alien resident in the US more than 50 years. My wife is a Thai citizen and lives in Thailand. She has never resided in the US. Our dependent child has dual Thai and EU citizenship. I plan to work until about 70 in the US and then move to Thailand. Question: in the event of my death is my child eligible for SSI benefits? Thanks, Claude

Is My Child Eligible For Benefits On My Account?


My wife and I are both 78, and have been receiving retirement benefits since we became 65.
We have a disabled daughter who receives SSI. We didn't take her disability into account when we started taking benefits.
My wife takes a salary of about $130,000 from her business.
At our age, is it likely that we could make any changes that would increase our benefits, or our daughter's?
Would your program figure that out for us?


Can My Disabled Child Collect If I Don't Take My Retirement Benefit Early?


Dear Larry,

I am about to apply for SSDI for my adult disabled daughter on my work record (disabled before age 22 and only 7 quarters of her own Soc Sec credits). I am 64 and have not filed for Soc Sec. I am currently planning to defer filing for Soc Sec till age 70 (based on your book and new rules that preclude me from filing and suspending). Do in need to be receiving Soc Sec before my daughter can receive SSDI on my earnings record, or can I file now before filing for my own Soc Sec?
P.S. Great book... Easy to read and comprehend. Many thanks. Vic

Dear Vic,

Should I Collect Early to Get Child Benefits For My Kids?


My first wife is 63, I am 64. We Were married 20 plus years. She is fighting cancer and took SS Disability at age 62 and discontinued working. She earns $2000.00 per month on her SS disability. SS had estimated her benefit to have been $3000.00 when she turned age 70. I was married a second time and divorced after 10 years. I have 2 children by my second marriage 10 years old and 12 years old who live with me full time. I still work and figure I will to about age 75 when they are out of college. SS estimates my benefits at $1750.00 when I turn age 70.

Shouldn't I Take My Retirement Benefit Early to Get Benefits For My Young Son?


I'm Divorced, 65 June 2016. Son-lives with mother, I pay support, she takes deduction, turned 17 May 2016. From what I read, I can take early SS and in addition he is eligible while in high school for up to 50% of my SS in addition my what I receive, for the balance of his 17th year. I'll get about 2150 per month by taking SS early. Seems to me that extra 1000/mo for my son is worthwhile, especially as I have 2 stents and no prostate, so living to 95 is not too serious a consideration. Am I wrong? best, Frank

Dear Frank,