Child Benefits

Can My Wife And Child Receive Benefits On My Record?


disability 62 married with a child can they also be put on my ss at 62


I'm assuming that you're saying that are age 62 and receiving disability benefits. If that's the case and you have a child who is under age 18, or 18 to 19 and still in high school, or became disabled prior to age 22, your child may be able to receive benefits on your record. And, if your child is under age 16 or disabled, or if your wife is age 62 or older, she may be eligible to receive spousal benefits on your record.

Should My Daughter's Benefit Rate Be Higher?


Hello. My wife recently died of cancer She had been receiving disability payments from social security as she was no longer able to work due to the cancer. We have a six year old daughter who was also getting payments due to my wife's disability. I went to social security this week; my daughter will now be getting an increase (from 50% to 75%) in her benefit. I am 49 and make almost $90,000 a year so was told that I was over-income to receive any "child in care" payment. I thought I read somewhere that due to my being over-income, my daughter's benefit would increase again.

Should My Husband File Early To Activate Child Benefits?


my husband (will be 62 and stop working this year) FRA is 1540 and mine (57) is 2610. Our son is 15. 3 years to start college. Would like to know
1. if my husband start collect ss this year, my son will get his at 1540/2=770. However our gross income around 150K, AGI is much less. what's tax impact?
2. I plan to wait until 70 to collect ss, at that time how much my husband will get? his reduced ss + excess spouse benefit?

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Can My Friend Receive Benefits For Her Child?


I have a friend who is 26 and not working. On March 20, 2016 her 58 year old boy friend was killed by a person who was in a high speed pursuit by police, in North Highlands, Ca. They lived together and have a daughter who just turned Two on July 3, 2016. Her boy friend was self employed as a Landscaper. I'm not sure if he did not pat his taxes or did not claim to work. But I know when she applied for benefits for their daughter she was denied .She was told he did not have enough credits for the baby to qualify.

Can We Get Child's Benefits for Our Grandson?


My husband and I are raising our 8 year old grandson. Their mother is in prison and father no where to be found. We are both working fulltime and are on social security as well. What do I need to do in order for my grandson to receive benefits. He is on Medicaid now. Will he continue to be on medicaid if we get legal custody. All we have is a signed affadavit from Mother for us to take care of him.