Widow(er) Benefits

What Happens To My Spousal Benefit If My Wife Dies?

My wife and I are both age 66. She started receiving her benefits at age 62 and I am receiving a spousal benefit on her record (equal to one-half of her FRA) while waiting until age 70 to file for my own benefit. What happens if sometime between now and age 70 (say when we are both age 68), my wife dies? Does my spousal benefit just continue unchanged? Do I have an option at that point to start receiving the benefit she had been receiving (which would be higher than my spousal benefit) or even her full amount since I had never filed for early benefits on my own record?

Is There Some Type Of Life Insurance Paid To Widow(er)s?

Someone informed me that upon the death of a spouse, SS has an actual lump sum life insurance benefit paid to widowers. The only information I have found in regards to this, is a lump sum death benefit of $250. Is there another lump sum death benefit that is available? I'm aware of the survival benefits but this individual was speaking about a one time payment and much larger lump sum then $250, are they mistaken? Thank you for your response...


How Much Would My Wife Get As A Widow?

Hi Jerry. You were kind enough to answer a previous question from me relating to spousal benefits which helped a lot. Thank you. I've moved over to the survivor benefit portion of the "death kit" I keep for my wife and my head is spinning. I'm trying, thus far in vain, to map a plan and give her an idea of what to expect should something happen to me. I've tried to find the right answer but have returned hat in hand.

We're both 60. She's in good health; I am not. My FRA PIA is $1610. Her FRA PIA is $504.

Can A Person Receiving Spousal Benefits Get Widow's Benefits If Their Spouse Dies?

I understand totally the grandfathered spousal benefit, but what happens if there's a death on either side? Can the restricted spousal benefit person then file for widow/survivor's benefit if spouse dies before he gets to 70 and let his SS still grow till 70 and then get his full retirement benefit?

Am I Eligible For A Refund Of The Social Security Taxes That My Deceased Wife Paid?

I started collecting SSD benefits in March 2016, my wife passed away in October 2016. She did not apply for benefits ( 1,300 per month ) whereas my benefits are around 2,500 per month. SS says I am only entitled to a one time death benefit of 255. I understand that you can not collect both benefits, but am I entitled to the money ( cash or tax credit to be carried forward for many years ) withheld from my wife's earnings for SS and Medicare while we were married? I am not looking for the employer's matching share, just what she paid in during the time we were married.