If Something Happens To My Spouse Or Me Can The Other Of Us Draw Part Of Their Social Security?

Sep 25 2018 - 10:59am

I am 72 and my husband is 78 we both draw social security now. Will it be affected? If something happens to one of us can the other one draw part of their social security? We make almost the same in Soc Sec so we would only get our own?


I don't know of anything that would affect your benefits. If either you or your husband dies, the surviving spouse can potentially receive a widow(er) benefit from their deceased spouse's record. However, the surviving spouse could only receive the higher of a) their own benefit rate or b) the benefit rate that the deceased spouse was receiving. So, the only way that widow(er) benefits would be payable in your case is if the one of you with the higher monthly benefit rate dies first.

Best, Jerry