Widow(er) Benefits

Can A Person Receiving Spousal Benefits Get Widow's Benefits If Their Spouse Dies?

I understand totally the grandfathered spousal benefit, but what happens if there's a death on either side? Can the restricted spousal benefit person then file for widow/survivor's benefit if spouse dies before he gets to 70 and let his SS still grow till 70 and then get his full retirement benefit?

Am I Eligible For A Refund Of The Social Security Taxes That My Deceased Wife Paid?

I started collecting SSD benefits in March 2016, my wife passed away in October 2016. She did not apply for benefits ( 1,300 per month ) whereas my benefits are around 2,500 per month. SS says I am only entitled to a one time death benefit of 255. I understand that you can not collect both benefits, but am I entitled to the money ( cash or tax credit to be carried forward for many years ) withheld from my wife's earnings for SS and Medicare while we were married? I am not looking for the employer's matching share, just what she paid in during the time we were married.

Can My Relative Get Widow's Benefits If She Divorces?

A relative of mine is a widow whose husband died about 15 years ago. She remarried before she turned 60, so she is not eligible to the survivor benefit from her late husband. She has been married less than 10 years. She is now 63. My understanding is if she and her current husband divorce, she would become eligible for his survivor benefit, which is 50% higher than her current full retirement amount. Is my understanding correct? Also, if it is correct, is there any waiting period after a divorce before she would be eligible for the survivor benefit?


Is My Mom's Widow's Benefit Rate Correct?

My mom is collecting my deceased fathers social security benefit. However, the amount is the same amount he always received, which is less his medicare part B premium. Should his premium deduction be included in her check? She pays her own premium with her benefit check.

Hi Marie,

Well, the basic rule is that, generally, the surviving member of a couple receives the higher of their 2 benefits. In your parents' case, I gather that your father's benefit was the higher one.

Were My Own Benefits Suspended When I Started Drawing Widow's Benefits?

I collected SS when I was 62. I am now 69. My husband who was 6 years younger than I passed away at 60 and had collected disability but not SS. Because he was disabled he was eligible for full benefits and I then began to collect at his SS which was $84 a month more than mine. Does that mean mine was suspended and at some point in the future I could collect on my own and possibly have a higher benefit?

Thanks you


Why Aren't My Widow's Benefits Higher?

My husband passed away on Sept 25, 2016. I went to social security to apply for widow benefits. I am on disability drawing a disability check on my own work history. My husband was also on disability then when he reached retirement age his disability check changed to retirement check. I am 62 and my husband was 68 when he passed. The lady at the social security office told me that my widow benefit payment would be $145.00. How can that be correct when my husband was drawing $1230.90 a month and all I am going to get is $145.00.

Why Am I Getting Both Retirement And Widow's Benefits?

I just started receiving widows social security benefits this month. I was previously collecting social security benefits under my own record. The awards letter I just got told me I will be receiving a certain monthly amount under my widows benefits and will also be receiving benefits under my own record. How is this possible? I thought you could only collect under one record?