Widow(er) Benefits

Should I Apply For My Survivor Benefits Now?

Hope you can help. I'm 63.5 years old, plan to wait until 70 before claiming my own SS benefit (>$3k/mo at that age). My 1st wife of 35 years died 3 years ago at age 63. I re-married, and fill all the criteria for SS survivor bene's from my 1st wife (about $1k p/mo). I'm also self employed and not certain what my income for the next 3 years (until FRA) will be. Likely it will be somewhat above the $17,040 earnings test, perhaps even enough to wipe out the full survivor bene (> $ 44k/year) if I apply now.

Do I Have It Right?


Thank you for your prompt email reply to my inquiry. Since your email does not allow for a direct reply I’m sending a few additional thoughts via the contact page. While these thoughts deal with semantics, I’m seeking clarification in order to feel comfortable that I’m not misunderstanding things. Please bear with me.

#1) In your Dec. 30, 2017 answer you wrote “The resulting survivor benefit of $1890 would be paid in addition to her own retirement benefit, making her combined benefit amount equal to her ex’s full rate of $2640.”

Do I Get Any Survivor Benefits While I Continue To Work Until I'm 66?

We are both 64 and my wife was collecting SSDI until she suddenly died. I am working full time. Do I get any survivor benefits while i continue to work until i am 66? When I do retire and collect my SS do I get to collect as a survivor any percentage from what my wife was collecting? Thanks.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Are There Any Loopholes That Would Help My Friend?

My good friend and his boyfriend have been living together for over 20 years. They finally got married just recently. They got married on or about 4/21/2018 and unfortunately, his spouse passed away on 5/20/2018. Upon initial internet research and when he walked into the SSA to ask questions, we discovered that he is ineligible to receive his belated husband's social security because of the length of their marriage. I believe they should have been married for at least 9 months? in order for my friend to receive the benefit.

Would I Lose My Widow's Benefits If I Remarry?

I am currently receiving widows benefits through Social Security. Would I loose that benefit if I were to remarry at any point in the future? I am currently 61 yrs old


No, remarriages at age 60 or later have no effect of a person's eligibility for widow(er)s or divorced survivor benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.04/handbook-0406.html).

Best, Jerry

Why Can't I Receive Surviving Spouse Benefits?

Hello, I filed for disability in 2008, It took over 2 years to get my 1st payment, it was exactly 1 month after my wife of 38 years passed away from cancer in November of 2010, we went through all our retirement savings, our 401K, paying for the cancer treatments, after my wife passed the SSA office told me that as I am on disability I am only entitled to $19 a month

If My Husband Files For His Benefits At Age 62 And I Die, What Would He Receive?

Hello! I am 61, presently collecting Social Security Disability for cancer diagnosis with 3-5 years anticipated lifespan. My husband is considering collecting SS on his record beginning at age 62. Our earnings records are comparable with his projected full retirement benefit about $100 more/month than mine. If he collects on his own record at 62, how would his benefit change when I die since I'm receiving SSD payment equal to my full retirement amount? Thanks for the help!


How Will My Widow's Benefits Be Affected If I Remarry?

I started taking widows SS at 60 years old for $1400/mo.
I'm in a relationship now and will consider marriage. How will my widows SS benefit be affected if I were to marry after I reached the age of 62?


No worries. Remarriages at or after age 60 have no effect on widow(er)'s benefits.

Our maximization software can help you determine if you could have other filing options with regard to benefits on your own or your new spouse's record.

Best, Jerry