Widow(er) Benefits

Is Social Security Correct In Saying That I Don't Qualify For Widower Benefits?

I'm confused.
Social security told me that I was not eligible to receive widower benefits because my spouse had a private pension plan. Also I had to be 60 or 50 and disabled. Well I had been disabled since since I was 52 and it was documented by the V.A that was the last time I had worked. Also yes my spouse did have a private pension plan, but she also worked a second job with social security taken out.


I'm sorry for your loss.

If My Wife Dies Before I Do, Can I Collect Her Full Benefit Amount?

I am 75. I began collecting SS when I was 66.
My wife is 71. She began collecting a spousal benefit against my SS when she was 66.
We have been married for 31 years.
She let her benefit grow until she was 70 (last year) and then began collecting her own.
Her benefit grew beyond mine because of that delay.
My question is; if she dies before I do, can I collect her full benefit amount or must I stay with mine?


Would My Relative Receive A Lower Widow's Rate Because She Started Drawing Her Benefits At Age 62?

Hi Larry: My relative is currently age 86 and his wife is age 84. He started collecting Social Security at age 65, and receives a current monthly benefit amount of $2,481.90, and she filed early, at age 62, for her Social Security benefit; her current benefit amount is $996.90.

Is It True That I'll Be Able To Draw More Of My Husband's Social Security When I Reach Age 62?

I lost my husband June 2019. I’m 61 now and would like to retire in the next 2 to 3 years. When I’m 62 can I draw more of my husbands social security. Now I. Make to much and have only RECIEVED one check of his social security. I made 34000.00 this year. I’ve herd when you are 62 you can draw more


I'm sorry for your loss.

What Would My Wife's Survivor Rate Be If I Died Tomorrow?

Happy New Year. I have a RIB-LIM question . . . which I thought I understood . . . but now I'm not so sure.

I just turned 62 and my wife is 62 1/2. We both recently filed at the same time for reduced benefits -- I filed for regular retirement and as a low wage earner she filed for a spousal benefit. My FRA PIA is $1742 so I'm drawing $1270. She's drawing $633 ($408 on her own record and $225 in a spousal benefit).

Okay, so the question is, if I die tomorrow and she immediately files for a survivor benefit what would her survivor benefit be?

If My Wife Dies Before Starting Her Benefits At Age 70 Can I Delay Taking Widower Benefits Until She Would Have Been Age 70?

I am 68 and started my social security benefits at FRA when I turned 66. My wife will turn 66 in January and plans to work until age 67, but delay starting social security benefits until age 70. Her benefit will be considerably more than mine, so my understanding is that my benefit will bump up to one half of her FRA when she starts taking her benefits at age 70. My question concerns what happens if she passes away before starting her benefits at age 70?