Widow(er) Benefits

Can I Receive Widow's Benefits?

may I draw my husbands s.s. at his death


I can't answer that question without much more information. To be eligible as a widow, you must meet the requirements (See: https://secure.ssa.gov/apps10/poms.nsf/lnx/0300207001). And, if you are already entitled to benefits on your own record when your husband dies, you will only be eligible for widow's benefits if his benefit amount is higher than yours.

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When Should I Collect Widow Benefits? I Have A Non-Covered Pension

I was married for 29 years, been widowed for 12. I am 62. Upon my husband's death ( he worked for ATT for 33 years) and would be 65 today. Anyway, I started teaching under TRS. I understand I will be penalized with the GPO or WEP, on survivors benefits. My own ss would be far, far less than husbands. Any advice for me? Also, if I start collecting at 66, can I still continue to teach without the penalty? Thank you very much, I have had so many various answers on what to do.


Can My Wife Get Benefits If She's Not A U.S. Citizen?

I am a U..S. Citizen who is eligible for Soc. Sec. retirement benefits. I am 68. My spouse of more than 30 years, who is 66, is not eligible for U.S. Social Sec. retirement benefits. My spouse is neither a U.S. Citizen nor a U.S. resident. I have not asked the SSA for my retirement benefits, yet. We live outside of the U.S.A., and we expect to continue residing outside of the USA. As I understand the SSA, my non-U.S.-Citizen/non-U.S. Resident spouse will not be eligible for U.S. Soc. Sec.

What Can I Receive From My Wife's Account?

I will be 66 years old in August. I am working full time and have elected to defer taking my social security benefits until age 70.

My wife received social security disability benefits for several years due to leukemia. She passed away five years ago and these benefits ceased. She would have been 70 next January. I have not claimed any spousal benefits.

What, if anything, am I entitled to receive from my wife's social security account?

Thank you.


Can I Collect Widow's Benefits Based on My First Spouse's Record?

Hi, I'm 63: Marriage #1 for 18.5 years, ended in death of this spouse. Marriage #2 I was age 48, married 11.5 years, divorced 2012, and I'm not remarried. Question: Do I still qualify for Widower Survivor Benefits from first marriage? What is the best strategy for me to pursue in gaining, "Get What's Yours from Social Security"? Thanks, Lori