Can I Do Anything To Receive My First Payment In November?

Sep 23 2019 - 7:59am

I turn 62 this year; October 13, 2019. I have applied for early benefits and have been approved.
Before I applied I called SS and was told that if approved for benefits they would begin in November.
I received my approval letter and it stated that benefits would begin in December (about December 18).
Can I do anything to receive my first benefit payment in November?

Thank you,

Hi Gregg,

No, assuming that you're filing for Social Security retirement benefits based on your own work record. The earliest month that you can qualify for Social Security retirement benefits is the first month that you are age 62 for the entire month, so November is the first month that you could claim benefits. Social Security pays benefits in the month following the month for which the payment covers, which is why your first payment will be due in December. The only way you could qualify for retirement benefits for October (paid in November) would be if you were born no later than October 2nd (

Best, Jerry