Retirement Benefits

Will My Boyfriend's Earnings Affect My Benefits?

I plan to take early retirement at 62 because I also get a small monthly pension from IBM. I will get 1800 from SS and my boyfriend will make 2400 monthly. If we live together, will our combined amount of $4200 stay the same or go down and why? Please reply ASAP because our future depends upon it.

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Hi Bobbi,

I'm not sure that I understand your question. Your boyfriend's earnings would have no effect on your Social Security benefit rate, though, if that's what you're asking.

Best, Jerry

Can I Receive Social Security And A Federal Pension?

Hi Larry!
I have been offered a job at a local VA hospital in Tampa. I have accepted the offer because everyone tells me of better benefits they provide as compared to the local 'private sector' hospital I currently work. My problem now is this: I looked into my Social Security estimated benefits when I plan to retire at about 70 years of age if I continue to work at my current job and saw that it will be twice as much on a monthly basis as compared to the FERS benefits after 20 years of service.

Can I Get Social Security Benefits At Age 63 If I'm Making House Payments?

Can i get social security benefits at age 63 and be a homeowner still making payments


Yes, assuming that you have enough work credits to be eligible for Social Security, or you qualify for benefits on the record of someone who does. What you own has nothing to do with Social Security eligibility.

Best, Jerry

Will I Get A Lower Benefit If I File In January Of The Year I Turn Age 66?

I'll be 66 on 11/30/18 and will collect $2570. I was told by the local ssn that I could collect in January of 2018 and get the same amount $2570 as my payment is based yearly not monthly. I also called ssn and they told me its prorated monthly not yearly --- whos correct ??? don't want to collect early and loose money . Thanks


Don't You Think The Social Security System Is Unfair?

I worked some during our marriage, but mainly was a stay-at-home mother rearing our children. Consequently, according to SS agents, my monthly benefit results from two accounts: a small amount from my meager earnings and a larger amount from my husband's earnings. Together they equal half of his benefit. Here's the rub. I'm self-employed and pay into SS each year. I've made enough to raise my benefit each year, BUT they add the amount onto my small account and take it away from the account they set up for me from my husband's earnings.

Can I Collect Benefits Retroactive To My 70th Birthday?

I will retire in April - I turned 70 yrs. old in March 2016. I did not take my social security at that time as I am still working. I will start taking it the month I retire. Can I collect back to my 70th birthday or at least collect for the past 6 months? I thought I needed to be retired before I started asking them to send my monthly check. I have set up a meeting with my local SS office - should I also seek an attorney to help me collect back payments?

Thank you for your assistance.