Retirement Benefits

How Can I Get Access To My Work Record?

I am a retired Veteran, widowed at 52. I applied for widow's SS benefits at age 60 (and quit working) and will switch to my own benefit at age 70. Prior to receiving widow's benefits I could monitor my own work record/projected benefits online. I have since been shut out from my own record and can only access info on my current benefit. This makes it near impossible to make long-term plans with any accuracy. How do I get access to my own work record /projected benefits again?


Foreign Worker -- Can I Collect?

Hi Larry:
I am from and live in Honduras, from April 1 2000 to April 30 2009 I worked with Work Permit for a Company in New York. Due to the Company not being able to continue in business for the bad economy I was laid down.
During that period of time I accumulated 40 points of Social Security. After several months being unemployed, also begin to feel sick having no health insurance came back to Honduras where I got really sick.
By October 18, I will turn 62. Am I entitled to any type of benefit from the Social Security?

How Was My Benefit Amount Computed?

When I filed for social security at the age of 62, having paid in for 40 + years, I was told only the last 5 years counted. I don't understand that. I have worked off and on since then, I am now going on 76 years old and have been paying into ss since then with very small increases in my checks. I don't know how all of this is figured, but I don't think this is fair. When I hear
Politicians say entitlements need to be cut it really makes me mad. I could have been putting that money in investments and would have something to count on.


Had My Money Been Deposited into FDIC Insured Accounts, Would I have Been Better Off With My OASDI Investments?

SS was originally implemented as a private account for each citizen. About 2-3 years later (~1937) it was changed to a pay-as-you-go scheme. My question is:

If, through the unlimited taxing power of the 16th Amendment, citizens were asked to put 12.4% of their income into an FDIC insured savings account, would all such citizens be far better off in retirement? By "asked" I mean, put 12.4% into the FDIC account or give all of it to the government -- your choice.

When Will I Receive My First SS Check?

My 66th birthday is the last week of September, 2016. If I want to draw 100% of my FRA retirement amount (I believe that is called my PIA), would my first month of SS retirement benefit be earned in September, paid in October, or would it be earned in October, paid in November?

Your first month of SS retirement benefit will be earned in September and you will receive your first check in October.