Why Am I Penalized For Starting Benefits At Age 62 Instead Of Age 70?

May 3 2018 - 10:16pm

I filled for benefits at 62, retirement. Why is this so complicated? I've read your reasons. Isn't there anyone who is fighting for the people. Government workers don't pay into social security. That's the reason they don't care. Something's got to change. Why is it that I'm penalized to receive benefits at 62 instead of say 70. I'm sure you're aware of the dollar amount that the average person receives monthly. It's nothing compared to the cost of living. Why do other countries take care of their people and we don't. If I could I would help change the system. I feel helpless as where to even start. Like you said it's so complicated that even our representatives don't understand it. How are the people going to get a fair shake in the matter. The whole system needs revamping and with an apolitical stroke. Politics should not be involved! We're dealing with livelihoods and it's no laughing matter.


Your benefit rate is lower if you start drawing at age 62 simply because that's part of the Social Security law as passed by Congress (https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10070-1954.pdf). And since Social Security regulations can only be amended by Congress, an apolitical change to the system seems unlikely. The following is a link to Larry's plan for reforming Social Security: https://socialsecurity.purpleplans.org/node/3.

In the meantime, we've developed our maximization software in order to help people navigate the current system and determine their optimal filing strategies.

Best, Jerry