Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Is It True That I Should Be Eligible For Benefits From My Deceased Husband's Record?

I worked for the Federal government for almost 33 years and was in the old retirement system, CSRS. I had also worked in the SS system for my 40 quarters - thus earning a SS benefit. SS decided that because I had an annuity from the gov't, any SS I earned would be decreased by 2/3. When I retired in 2011, I applied for SS. I inquired about benefits under my deceased husband's acct, and was told because we were not married the "required 10 year" - I wasn't eligible under his benefits.

Will My Divorced Widow's Benefits Be Impacted By My Pension From The School System?

I am planning to take divorced widow's benefits at age 60 and then my own retirement benefit at age 70.
At age 65, I also have a miniscule pension from the school system I worked for briefly (paid into PERA and not into Social Security). I understand my own retirement benefit which I plan to take at 70 will be WEPed but by no more than 50% of my pension amount. I have less than 20 years of substantial earnings.
My deceased ex-spouse never worked for any employer that did not withhold social security tax. He had 28 years of substantial earnings.

Would My Wife's Widow's Benefits Be Subject To The Government Pension Offset Provision?

Hi Larry,
My wife is receiving social security reduced by Windfall Elimination provision (WEP) because she taught for 20 years in a state that had its own retirement system for employees. In looking at future scenarios, it appears she would be subject to Government Offset Provision on widow's benefits based on my social security. Is that correct? If so, doesn't that seem a bit unfair to penalize benefits based on my earnings record?