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How Much Will My Foreign Pension Reduce My Social Security Benefits?

I receive social security benefits for almost 15 years. The initial amount of my benefits was about 350 $ (now 470 $). I also receive my foreign pension nearly 750 € since 2005. I never reported this fact to social security. Now I learned that this pension affects my social security benefits. Do you know how much approximately my benefits will be reduced if I report my pension and what happens with the overpayment ? Am I forced to pay back for all these years or there is a more restricted time period for this ? Thank you.


Should My Wife Withdraw From Her Teacher's Pension Plan?

My wife taught in Illinois from 1976 to 1986. We have NOT started to take her TRS pension. Do we have the option of exiting the TRS benefit program by requesting a refund of her contributions, with the goal of eliminating social security WEP and GPO reductions? And if so, does that make sense since her spousal benefits will be greater than her TRS benefits?

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Why Was My Husband's Benefit Rate Reduced By So Much?

Hi Larry,
My husband recently turned 70 and, finally, applied for Social Security. His payment is supposed to be $789. When he was 65, he applied for his Canadian pension in the amount of $455 U.S. Now Social Security is telling us his payment will only be $320. Even with WEP, this seems drastic. He only had 4 out of 17 years of substantial earnings. We have read that his WEP reduction should be no more than 40 or 50 per cent of his Canadian payment(1/2 of $455.) Help!
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Why Does My Canadian Pension Affect My Social Security Benefit Rate?

Hi Larry I will be turning 66 in March 2017 I went to the social security office where I live and applied for my social security, I was honest with my answers and when asked am I getting another pension from another country I said a small one from Canada, the agent said she would have to take that off what I am going to get I don't think that is fair seeing as though I have filed and paid taxes in both countries and paid into both Canada pension plan and social security for 36 years what can I do so they give me what I have put in


How Will No Teacher's Pension Affect My Social Security Benefits?

Thank you for answering my question 10 days ago. Now I have a more 'arcane' question for you that was brought up during a visit to the SSI office. I taught a long term sub for a local school district that participates with the Colorado PERA rather than SSI. I turned 62 on 12/5. I do not plan to teach again in Colorado. If I take the lump sum of $2087 now (I am not currently taking SSI, but may file next year) PERA will match at 50%. If I wait to 65, PERA will match 100%, but I will certainly be taking SSI at that time.

Will GPO And WEP Affect My Social Security Benefits?

I am a teacher in Georgia and I have 30 years that some social security was taken out. SS was not taken out the past 5 years and I will be 62 in May. I am also entailed to receive half on my ex-husbands benefit which will be more than mine, if I choose. Since I have at least 30 years of work where SS was taken out, will my benefit be reduced by the GPO and Windfall Tax?


Will My Wife's Benefits Be Affected By Her Hungarian Pension?

I am turning 70 and retired. I have been collecting SS benefits since I reached my full retirement age (66). My wife and I have been married for 2 years. She is a Hungarian citizen and permanent resident of the US since 2015. She is turning 63 in 2017. She will begin receiving a foreign pension from Hungary beginning this year (2017). She has some SS credits (about 7) from consulting work performed in 2014 and 2015. She may earn a few more credits between now and her "full US retirement age" of 66 in 2020.