Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Can I Avoid WEP & GPO If I Take A Lump-Sum In Lieu Of A Pension?

I am 62 and married. My husband wants to keep working 4 more years but I want to retire now from my public sector job where I did not pay FICA but rather I put money matched by my employer in a self directed retirement account. I had 15 years of earnings where I did pay FICA. I have the option to take my public retirement savings in a lump sum or in monthly retirement pension. Can I avoid WEP/GPO if I take the lump sum and put the after tax remains in a Roth IRA?


Will My Wife's Social Security Benefits Be Affected By WEP or GPO?

I am about to chose a retirement payout option from an IPERS teaching job where I did not pay FICA. I have 35 years of earnings where I paid FICA tax so my monthly retirement income should not affect my SSI benefit. I am worried that if I chose a retirement option to give my wife a survivors monthly pension that it may reduce her SS benefit because she only has 10 years of FICA covered and 5 years of non FICA covered employment. Will my wife get hit by the WEP as my survivor?


Is Social Security Correct To Reduce My Wife's Spousal Benefit?

Foreign Spouse (UK) has the Gov't Pension Offset (GPO) applied to her UK teacher's pension - is this correct?

In your 'Social Security Q&A' column of Aug. 3, 2014, you addressed the question, "Are My Foreign Spouse and I in Danger of Double Dipping?" in regard to receiving U.S. Social Security spousal benefits while receiving a UK pension. According to your expert, Jerry Lutz, “Foreign pensions are not considered ‘government’ pensions for purposes of the government pension offset provision.”

Will WEP Affect My Benefit Rate If I Start Drawing Social Security Before My Non-Covered Pension?

I am 66 and a California school teacher affected by WEP/GPO. I am eligible to collect SS now because of other employment prior to teaching. I want to continue teaching two more years.

Can I file for SS now and get my full benefit while I continue to work? I assume that my SS benefit will be reduced by WEP/GPO when I begin to receive my school pension at age 68. When does WEP/GPO come into play? When I file at 66 or when I begin taking the school pension at age 68?


Will I Be Subject To The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)?

Dear Larry!

As a citizen of an East European country, I spent 3 years in a Swedish university as guest researcher and paid to their social security system. This makes me eligible for ~ 150 USD monthly benefit, they call it basic pension, when I turn 61.

Years later I came to the US, became US citizen, and keep contributing to the social security in the US. Quite independently from my work in Sweden.

My plan is to claim US social security at age 62.

Will My Payment From The Public School System Affect My Social Security Benefit?

I worked at a small private College for 34 years, paying into Social Security. I retired from that and started working in the Public School system (high school). I am enrolled in their state wide retirement program and will be vested in it after (5) years. My question is this: Will I receive my full Social Security payment (established to be around $1300) plus my retirement benefits from my involvement in the public school system (5 years, approx. $700 per month). Does my payment from the public school system affect my Social Security payments? Thank you.