Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Does WEP Apply If A Person Receives A Non-Covered Survivor Pension?

Client A is had no non-covered pension and is eligible for Social Security on own record. Client B (A's spouse) has non-covered pension with survivor benefit. If client B dies and client A thus begins receiving a survivor's benefit from the non-covered pension, is client A's social security now reduced for WEP?



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What Would This Teacher Get If She's Widowed?

Couple (both 63) - he elected to rollover what would have been pension benefits, so he has no pension but would have SS benefits of approximately $2,700 a month at 66. She is a teacher and her SS benefits show now as $289 a month at 66; she would also have a teacher pension of $18,000 a year by then. If he dies at say age 68, would she get his full SS benefit (plus her own pension) or would it be reduced in some way? I'm thinking a windfall issue in here somewhere. Thanks!


Will My German Pension Cause My Widow's Benefit To Be Reduced?

I hope you can enlighten me on the following situation.
I am widowed and took my survivor benefits at age 60. I am 63 years now and also entitled to my pension from my work in Germany. Is it correct that social security will reduce my widows benefit by 2/3? My own US benefit is quite small at approx 500$ a month. My german benefit is approx $700 per month. My widows benefit is $1232 a month. So just keep the survivor benefit? I am still working at this point.
Thank you for your assistance.


Do I Have A Choice Between WEP & GPO?

Hello Mr. Koltikoff, I have a SS question that I have researched multiple times but am unable to find an answer. And right now, I don't trust SS to give me the correct one.

I am a retired Texas teacher and paid into TRS. I understand the WEP and while I don't like it, it is what it is. For now. Anyway, my ex-husband died five years ago at the age of 62. We were married for 23 years. I know I am entitled to a survivor's benefit and thus the GPO affects me as well. (I am 64 and am waiting until I turn 66 to make any SS decisions.)

Will A Survivor Benefit I Receive Form A Municipal Retirement System Affect My Social Security Benefits?

I have worked all my life and just turned 62, I have worked plenty enough to draw my own ss when I retire at 65. My husband passed away in 2003 at a young age, and I received a small check from the Municiple Retirement System each month from the job he held. Will this amount be deducted from my SS benefits when I do retire?


Who Do I Complain To About The Windfall Elimination Provision?

Who, and when did the law go into effect for people who worked for a government entity (Bus driver for OCTA) and get a pension from them, but have to take a % cut in our social security? I would like to know who to contact in the government branch to get this changed. It is not fare in my eyes. I have payed into SS, it makes no sense to me that we are denied full SS. Thank you


How Can I Find Out How WEP Will Affect My Benefits?

Neither STRS nor Social Security can give me WEP info for planning. What about teachers who also worked through school and tutor, for example through WyzAnt 1099 on the side, worked in private summer schools, and after teacher retirement (after teaching 30 years) work years contributing to ss. Is it better to have consecutive years for SS ( not claim and write off 1099)? After 30 years of teaching what is the max they can deduct? How can I maximize SS as I work for myself and otside teaching until I'm 66 and 2 months or whatever it is?. Nobody seems to have specialized info.