Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Will My Wife's Benefit Amount Change If I Die First?

Hello Larry,
This is a follow-up to a question you answered: I started drawing benefits at age 68, last month. I'm still working. My wife did not get quite half of what my benefit amount was because they said she gets half of only my PIA at age 66, and I received credit for the extra 2 years I worked. (She now gets my age 66 PIA - 40% WEP divided by 2.) These formulas are so complicated and us laymen can not figure them out ourselves. We are at the mercy of the Social Security Administration to give us the "benefit amounts."

Is It Correct That My Retirement Benefits Will Be Reduced?

I am retired from a federal government job (non-appropriated) I was told that upon my receiving my social security benefit that my retirement pay would be offset. However, I have been paying my social security taxes since my employment there.I am led to believe that other retirees have made that same claim but still had their retirement pay reduced. Is there any hidden reasons for that, or is the administration department wrong in factoring that in?


Is There A Way To Calculate The Effect Of WEP On My Social Security Benefits?

Hi Larry
The WIndfall Elimination Provision on a foreign pension is said to be up to 50%, but are there guidelines for calculating a more accurate approximation?

thanks in advance

Hi Ben,

Yes, for more information on the windfall elimination provision (WEP), refer to the following pamphlet:

Why Does My Canadian Pension Affect My Social Security Benefit Rate?

I am 67 years old and over full retirement age. My recent benefit statement advised that when I applied I would receive $871.30 per month. I am a native born American but worked in Canada and can receive monies from the Canada Pension Plan also. I advised Social Security of this and the numbers they sent me say that when the Canadian Pension starts my benefit rate from Social Security will drop by 28% to $625.80. Then when I add my Canadian pension to that (adjusted for the exchange rate) it only goes up 9%! So by activating the Canadian pension I seem to be being penalized.

Can My Brother-In-Law Switch To A Higher Spousal Benefit?

My brother-in-law started drawing his own Social Security benefit at FRA which was over a year ago. His benefit is really low because he worked for the government for 35 years and retired then he took a job covered by S.S. Now his wife has turned 62 this year. She will be entitled to a much higher benefit than his current benefit when she files in 4 years. Can my brother-in-law switch to a spousal benefit now even though he's been drawing on his own record for over a year?


Was WEP Correctly Applied In Our Case?

Hello - My wife and I have just filed for, and received social security awards in November. We have only 60 days to appeal the amounts. I am retired (industrial disability) law enforcement and received a 50% pension. Had I not been injured on the job and worked until age 53, I would have received a 75% pension, thus my injury (and reduced number of years on the job) cost me about 1/3 of a full retirement. I did not pay into Social Security while working law enforcement. I've paid enough into Social Security from another "covered" job that I'm eligible for benefits.

Is It True That My Husband Can't Get Spousal Benefits Due To WEP?

Hi Larry,
I bought your book, however I did not see any examples like this in chapter 14.
I turned 66 on 7/13/16 and started collecting my full SSI benefits on 7/1/16. My husband turned 66 on 6/22/16 and will collect his SSI benefits when he turn 70. He recently went to SSI to apply for spousal benefits to collect half of mine, but was told by several people at this agency that because of the "WEP" he would not be able to collect "anything" on my record. Here are the details: