Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Receive Divorced Spouse's Benefits?

I will be 66 in October I am divorced, my ex spouse is 68 and worked for the Forest Service unsure if he has SS. He has remarried. Can I receive any benefit from his SS. should I collect at 66 for full retirement and do I understand that I could receive which ever SS is the higher. I could receive $500 more if I wait until age 70. My income is $39,000 a year right now.

How Can I Maximize My Benefits after Divorce?

Hi, I divorced after a 34 years of marriage and will be 64 in September. My ex filed for SS at age 62 (two years ago). I am still working but would like to retire as soon as possible. I am receiving 1/2 of his pension ($1000), and want to know when is the best time to file for my SS and can I file for his SS benefit and not affect my own. Thanks, Barbara

When Can I Receive My Divorced Spousal Benefit?

Hi Larry, I'm 63 and my ex-husband (married 24 years, divorced 2) is 60. Currently I'm not working, I started collecting SSA benefits at 62 but stopped within a year and paid them back. Now I plan to draw on my ex's record at 66 and switch to mine at 70. My question are: 1) How long can I receive my spousal benefits? I've never seen the length of time available explained anywhere. 2) What exact terminology do I need to use in order to get exactly what I want? I'm single now and will remain single. Thanks, Sally

Can We Get More By Getting Divorced?

Please let me know what you think of this scenario, assuming maximum earnings is the goal. 2 people (husband and wife) exact same age (born 1964), both high earners over many years, 0 children, no disabilities & can afford to wait to age 70. Question 1: Should they get divorced at age 68 in order to earn 2 social security checks (instead of the maximum family benefit)? Question 2: Is there any scenario in which it makes sense to get divorced at age 65 and for one to claim divorced spousal (or their own social security ) between ages 67 to 70 while the other waits to age 70?