Divorced Spousal Benefits

Is There Any Way To Find Out How Much I Can Get On My Ex-Husband's Record?

Is there any way I can find out about my ex-husband's benefits if we are not on speaking terms? I am the right age to collect on his benefits until age 70 and then take my own. I am trying to calculate my various options (he will only be 64 in January 2017, and I will turn 65 in May), but from what I understand, the social security administration will not provide me with any details about his benefits unless I apply.


Can I Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits While My Disability Appeal Is Pending?

I am recently disabled but appealing a denial for social security. My ex spouse receives disability Ss, am I entitled to anything from him as I am waiting?


You must be at least age 62 to qualify for divorced spousal benefits, in addition to meeting the other requirements (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/disability/dfamily3.html). No earlier entitlement to divorced spousal benefits is permitted, even if divorced spouse is disabled.

Best, Jerry

Which Person Is Correct?

Hi Larry,
My ex husband and I have received conflicting information from SS. We were married for 40 years before becoming divorced.
I began taking SS on my and his SS benefits before he began taking his benefits. He was 66 at the time, I was 64. He began taking his SS this year at 69. He was told by someone at the SS office where he signed up that my SS would increase when his SS began.to bring me to half of what he would now be receiving.

Can I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits Sooner If I'm Disabled?

If I am approved for ss disability at age 53, can I draw on what my ex husbands amount would be if he became disabled? If not, can I switch to his amount at age 62?


No, not if your ex-husband is still living. You must be at least age 62 to qualify for divorced spousal benefits. However, eligibility for surviving divorced spousal benefits can start as early as age 50 if the surviving ex-spouse is disabled.

Will My Friend's Divorced Spousal Benefit Rate Be Higher If She Waits Until Age 70?

My friend is divorced -- was married more than 10 years and is now unmarried. She is entitled to very little (if any) Social Security benefits under her own work record, but her ex-husband has contributed to Social Security for several decades. She turns 66 soon. If she waits until age 70 to file, does she receive a larger benefit (based on his record)? Thank you.


Can My Ex-Spouse Sign Away Her Rights To Social Security Benefits?

1- I am divorced for more than 20 years. I was married for 14 years. my ex wife is unmarried and still lives in Canada. she never had social security number or lived in the USA. I am planning to retire by 1/1/17 and applying for Social security benefit. she is 61 years old and working in Canada. she is welling to give me her part of the SS benefit and welling to sign any documents required. is she allowed to do that? is there is a form that she can sign and declaring that I am the beneficiary as long as I am alive and she can claim her portion when I die?