Why Can My Ex-Spouse Keep Drawing Money Off Of Me?

Jan 29 2020 - 2:17pm

I was married 32 years got hurt at work went on disability 2005. 2009 we divorced why can she keep drawing money off me shes been getting it for 10 years


Divorced spouses can potentially qualify for benefits on their ex-spouse's record if they are at least age 62, currently unmarried and they were married to their ex-spouse for at least 10 years. The ex-spouse on whose record they claim benefits must also be either be a) drawing Social Security disability or retirement benefits, or b) at least age 62 and their divorce has been final for at least 2 years (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.03/handbook-0311.html).

I should mention, though, that even if your ex-wife is drawing divorced spousal benefits on your record, it would have no adverse effect on either your benefit rate nor the benefit rates of any other family members who qualify for benefits on your record.

Best, Jerry