Widow(er) Benefits

Can I Collect Widow's Benefits Based on My First Spouse's Record?

Hi, I'm 63: Marriage #1 for 18.5 years, ended in death of this spouse. Marriage #2 I was age 48, married 11.5 years, divorced 2012, and I'm not remarried. Question: Do I still qualify for Widower Survivor Benefits from first marriage? What is the best strategy for me to pursue in gaining, "Get What's Yours from Social Security"? Thanks, Lori

What Widow's Benefits Are Available?

I am helping a neighbor, Betty, navigate the Social Security maze. Betty is approaching full retirement age and is still working. Her first marriage lasted more than ten years and ended in divorce. Her ex is now deceased. She married again at age 58. Her second husband recently passed away and Betty is now unmarried. Is Betty entitled to her ex’s survivor benefit if it is larger than her late husband’s survivor benefit? p.s. Your latest "Get What's Yours" book is terrific. Thanks, Frank

When Should I File for My Widow's Benefit?

I am a widow for many years as my husband passed away at age of 36. I will be 66 and SS advised I take his monthly benefit at 66 and switch to mine when I turn 70 when I can hopefully retire. However, his benefit is actually over $400 a month more then mine now and so delaying taking his until I turn 70 it appears his will be more then mine at that time based on an additional 8% per year of delay so I think I should delay taking his until I am 70 and start taking mine now. I expect to live many years past 70 and will need the better of the options after I am 70.

When Can I File for My Widow's Benefit?

Hi, I retired in 2011 (27 years) at age 49 and withdrew my retirement (extremely dumb move I know) from state government. My husband was still working in the construction industry and we maintained by downsizing, but started up a small business in anticipation of his retiring at the end of 2013. In 2013 my 53 yr old husband passed away unexpectedly of a massive heart attack approximately 6 weeks after he was laid off from his job. I received $200+ burial from SSA and he had a small life insurance policy from the employer he was laid off from.

How Is My Widow's Benefit Calculated?

Hi, I was talking to a social security rep. about death benefit for my husband and I asked him how much I would get for my husband's Social Security benefit. He told me a little over 1200.00. My husband worked since he was 15 yrs old. He was in the Air Force also. He told me I was eligible for 85.5% that didn't sound right. So I need to know if that is right. Thanks, Ashleigh

What is the Best Time to Take Widow's Benefits?

Hi I have two questions. 1) Where do I find the expert software to run scenarios you reference in your column? 2) I lost my husband at 55. I was told by social security that I could start collecting his benefit (widows benefit) at age 60. He was the top wage earner and I'll never have a benefit as high as his. I am still working and plan to at least until I'm 66 1/2. I am wondering the best time for me to apply for his benefit and if I just lose out on the years I contributed to the system since my own benefit will be much lower than his. Thank you.

Should I File for My Widow's Benefit at 60?

Hi, I am 55 years old and have full time employment. My husband of 27 years, died in 2011. He was 56. He had been on SS Disability for 10 years after having been injured at work in 1998. Prior to that he had a professional career. My question is how do I figure out what my options will be when I turn 60. I have read that getting information from the Social Security office is not always accurate. Thanks, Jean

Can an 80 Year Old Benefit from Your Software?

I'm asking this question on behalf of my mother. She's 80 y/o, widowed, and legally disabled (with arthritis and moderate dementia), and also drawing a modest pension. Her SS check went up when her husband died (it's now $2,000/mo), but we're wondering if it's too late to benefit from your program given her age. Please let us know if she sounds like a candidate and we'll definitely pay the fee. Thanks, Rick