Spousal Benefits

Can I Receive Benefits On My Husband's Disability Account?


I started receiving my ss benefits at age 62, I will be 65 in September. in January of 2016 my husband age 61 became disabled, his benefits start in August 2016. My question, am I able to receive any other benefits from SS as a result of his disability?


Potentially yes, but only if his disability benefit amount is more than twice as much as your full retirement age benefit (PIA). Excess spousal benefits are computed by taking one-half of the worker's PIA, and subtracting the spouse's own PIA.

I Missed The File and Suspend Deadline. What Do We Do Now?


Hello Larry,

I have purchased and read the new edition of your book. It may be my question is so simple it never gets explicitly highlighted or clearly addressed. Regardless, I need to know for sure. There has been so much made over file & suspend and the new laws that what I think is (and was) best for us never really gets emphasized, either before or after the new law took place.

What Should My Wife Do?


I turned 66 on 3/22/16. I plan to work to 70. I have maximum credits for SS. I applied and SUSPENDED for me in March.
My wife will turn 66 on 5/4/17. I understand we are Grandfathered into the half spousal payment option.
My wife worked for different school systems, and she gets a pension payment of about $2,000 a month. She does not have anything close to necessary SS credits.

How Much Will My Wife's Spouse's Benefit Be?


Hi Larry, thanks for taking my question. I am retired and started drawing s.s. at 62 yrs old. I receive just under two thousand dollars a month. My wife will be 62 this year and does not have the credits to draw s.s. on her own. If she were to file for spousal benefits could tell me (approximately) how much she should/would receive? Also, do any of the new laws you have been writing about affect us?

Thank you so much, Steve