Spousal Benefits

Would My Wife Automatically Start Receiving Spousal Benefits At Her Full Retirement Age Even If I Haven't Filed?


Assume my wife starts her Social Security worker's benefit at 62 and I being 2 years older defer starting my worker's benefit until age 70. Would my wife automatically receive her spousal benefit from my worker's benefit when she reaches her full retirement age at 66 years and 4 months even though I still have NOT filed?

The logic should be since this would be the most she can earn, Social Security should start paying her even though I have not filed for benefits yet.

Thank you


Is It Correct That If A Person Files For Their Own Benefits At Age 62, Any Subsequent Spousal Benefits Would Also Be Paid At Their Age 62 Rate?


Wish to confirm if a spouse starts her own workers benefit at 62 at a reduced rate but her husband who is older waits to claim his workers benefit until she reaches full retirement age, the wife's spousal benefits will still be reduced to the qualifying percentage calculated at the time she first began her workers benefit at 62. Is that correct?


No, that's not correct. In the scenario you present the spouse would retain her own retirement benefits at the same reduced rate, but any additional spousal benefits would be unreduced.

Is It Possible To File For And Suspend My Benefits So My Wife Can Draw On Me?


Dennis: Age 65. DOB 7/21/1953 taxable income is 500k for next 8 years
Spouse is 61. 2/10/58. She worked 15 years as a teacher but has not worked in 20 years.

I am postponing my SSI until age 70 so to maximize my monthly check. Is it possible to file for SSI and suspend so my wife can draw on me?

Hi Dennis,

Isn't The Spousal Benefit Always Half?


Hi, I joined and ran your software and have a question about the results. It recommended that I take spousal benefits when my wide turns 66 this November. And she takes her full benefits. Then when I turn 70 in 2023, I take my full benefits and she takes her spousal benefits. My spousal benefit comes to half her benefit. From the report at age 71 in 2024, my benefit = $44,917. My wife's benefit = $9786 and her spousal benefit = $7228. Added together this is $17014. This is not half of my benefit. What am I missing here. We thought that spousal benefit is always half?

Would I Get Half Of My Husband's FRA Rate If I File Now?


Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your assistance, I greatly admire your immediate response. I do have another question based on your response, for clarification and understanding.

My husband took early social security at age 62, his FRA at the time in 2017 was the amount of $2254. (of course he gets much less because he chose to take it at 62)

I was born October 1955. My own social security at FRA would be $1026. If I would apply for spousal benefits now, what would I receive, -would it be $1127?

Can My Husband Start Drawing His Own SS At FRA And Later Switch To A Spousal Benefit When I File?


My husband is two years older than me and will reach FRA (66) in September 2019. He has contributed way less to SS than I have, and the SS website shows us that, under any scenario, he will get more by taking a spousal benefit than taking his own benefit. Question is: Can he start receiving his own SS in September 2019 and LATER SWITCH to a spousal benefit when I apply for my own benefits (at my FRA or later)? If so, are there any specific things he has to ask of SS (like restricted application, etc.)? ... BTW I love "Get What's Yours."