Retirement Benefits

Did I Miss Something With Regard To Maximizing Benefits?


I reached my FRA in 66 in April, 2020.

Using the SSA’s AnyPIA calculator, I created a PIA which I then confirmed by manually recreating AIME and applying bend points to that AIME in Excel. I am fortunate in that my 35 highest years’ earnings all either exceeded maximum taxable earnings for that year or were indexed (for years before my 60th birthday) into a top 35 year.

Will Retiring At 59 1/2 Affect My Social Security In A Negative Way?

Mr. Larry;
I plan to retire from my job at 30 years 8 months service, I’ll only be 59 1/2 then. And claim social security at age 62. Will the two and a half years effect my Social security in a negative way from not working?


Retiring early will probably have an adverse effect on your Social Security retirement benefit rate, and starting to draw your benefits at age 62 definitely will.

If I Get My Social Security At Age 68 And Continue Working Will My Social Security Payout Increase?

This year I will be 65 years old. I am planning to continue to work. My wife has never worked. She is not in great health.
If I get my Social Security at 68 years and continue to work will my Social Security payout increase? My mutual fund's value around $500K by 72 years at 6% do you for an average can live comfortably? Thank you.


Are The AWI Calculations Already Baked In?

I am trying to get a handle on (age 57) what my future benefit might be at age 70. I have an idea, utilizing the SSC retirement calculator. What I don't understand is: 1. Are AWI calculations already baked in? If not, how would I figure those in and account for them - yearly averages, start with my estimated benefit at 70 and add the percentage every year until 62? 2. Same questions for COLA(62-70). Using a hypothetical of a current estimated benefit of $1000 at age 70, how do I figure out what my true estimated benefit might be if I account for AWI and COLA? Thanks

Which Month Should I Start My Retirement Benefits In Order To Receive My Maximum Monthly Rate?

Hi. I have looked for an answer to this and can't find it. Even talking to Social Security they were too focused on when the first check would be sent to actually answer my question.

I turn 70 on July 8. I've read on the SSA website some bits of information that says you have to be 70 for the entire month.