Railroad Retirement Benefits

How Do I Find Out About My Railroad Tier 1 & Tier 2 Benefits?

My ex and I divorced in 1991. He retired in 2014 from the RR and began receiving RR Retirement benefits. I also started receiving a small portion (less than $500/month) in 2014 and now, I may have to retire within the next year. I see from other messages that you mention "Tier 1 & Tier 2" RR retirement benefits. How do I find out what those are so I can be fully prepared with what my financial situation will be when I do have to retire.


Will My Railroad Benefits End If I Remarry?

I am a widow aged 76. If I remarry, will I be able to continue drawing my deceased husband's railroad retirement? A scary thought if I should lose it.


Although I'm not an expert on Railroad Retirement, my understanding is that Railroad widow's benefits do not terminate due to a remarriage occurring at or after age 60 (https://www.rrb.gov/Benefits/G-177S).

Best, Jerry

How Will My Remarriage Affect My Railroad Retirement Benefits?

Larry: I am 68 My deceased husband and I worked for the Railroad and you may not know about RR Retirement but it is much like SS so you can answer as if SS. My husband died 14 years ago. I am collecting spousal benefits from my husband's account. I plan to collect my own RR Retirement at age 70 in July of 2018. I have been told that my husbands benefit will reduce when I collect my own RR Retirement, and supposedly my entire benefit will be increased by about $1000 per mo. In January 2019 I plan to marry and I will be 701/2 my new husband will be 611/2 at that time.

How Can You Lose Railroad Retirement?

My soon to Be ex says he lost half his income the half he is talking about is his railroad retirement. My question is how can you lose this income? Only reason I can think of is fraud he is 57


I have no idea what he might be referring to. If you'd like to do some research on the Railroad Retirement program, here is a place to start: https://www.rrb.gov/mep/ben_info.asp.

Best, Jerry

How Should My Wife and I Optimize When She Will Collect Railroad Retirement Benefits?

Does your software take into account Railroad Retirement Benefits? My Wife works for the railroad and will file for railroad retirement but I do not work for the railroad. Our Plan is to retire on Railroad retirement benefits until I turn 70, at 70 I would file for Social Security while she would continue to receive Railroad Benefits. However, I would still qualify for tier 2 benefits.