Railroad Retirement Benefits

Can I Receive A Railroad Spouse's Benefit Now?

My husband is drawing railroad retirement. I am 62 and will receive Teacher retirement at 65 or later. Can i review a spouse Railroad check now and not interfere with my TRS check when i decide to retire?


My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits, so I'm unable to answer your question. You'll probably want to check with a representative of the Railroad Retirement Board (https://www.rrb.gov/ContactUs).

Best, Jerry

Do You Know Of Anyone I Could Talk To About My Problems With Railroad Retirement?

I was a railroad engr. for 30 years and paid into railroad retirement, I retired dec. 20, so far the retirement board has not given me any retirement, they have missed 2 payments and say they are working on it. I would like to talk to someone about my problem, do you have any ideas who I would talk to?


Why Would Someone Pass Such Legislation?

Hi, I am a retired Railroader with over 32 years of service, during my tenure there was times of furloughs and I would find work to bridge the gab, I have always held a part time job at the time of my retirement I kept on working and was asked to go full time which I did, now I find out that there is a clause called pre retirement non railroad employment and that deductions are taken regardless of age in other words as long as I stay where I'm at these deductions are for life. Who and why would someone pass such legislation? what difference does it matter where I'm employed?

Should I Bother Filing For Railroad Benefits?

Hello Larry, I am 66 year old woman, divorced from my hubby who worked for the RR. We were married 18 years. I'm not good at a paper work and trying to understand all this retirement stuff. I would like to know, am I able to collect SS and retirement benefits from the RR. I've been reading, Googled, searched..and I still don't know if I should bother filing for RR benefits. Will it or won't it help what I receive when I retire?
Thank You

Hi Marsha,

Can I Retire From The Railroad At Age 55 And Get Tier 1 & Tier 2 Benefits At Age 60?

Im 35 years old. I have 10 years of railroad service. Can i retire from the railroad at the age of 55 with thirty years of service, and still get tier 1 and tier 2 benefits when i turn 60? I would not find employment after turning 55 and live off of investments. If it is actually possible to do this, what kind of reduction in benefits should i expect?


I'm sorry, but Social Security is my only area of expertise. My only familiarity with Railroad Retirement benefits is in regard to how they interrelate with Social Security benefits.