Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Is That Legal?

My government pension will cancel out my SS benefit.. Will I get reimbursed what I paid into social security since I will not receive any benefits? And if not, how is that legal? I worked 10 years paying into SS and when I retire, I will have paid 30 years into pension. How do I just lose 10 years of retirement benefits? I can’t even understand how it’s legal to reduce it. Thank you, Sheila

Hi Sheila,

How Does The 30 Year Substantial Earnings Provision Work?

Hi Larry,
My Wife and I are not due to retire for 111-15 years. We work and live in the US but will also be eligible for Canada Pension (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS). We will both be entitled to S.S.I. also having 40 credits in the US. I understand SSI will be decreased by a one third to two thirds ( which % is correct)of our Canadian contribution. How does the 30 year substantial earnings work from both countries


Will I Be Eligible For Spousal Or Survivor Benefits?

Teacher age 63 still working. Planning on retiring in 2 years. Husband 64 retired will begin collecting his Soc Sec at FRA in 2 years at $2,000 a month. My pension is subject to WEP. My question is at age 66 would I be eligible to apply for a spousal benefit based on half of his FRA amount or does the WEP remove me entirely from this benefit? As well, if he was to pass away would I be eligible for a survivor's benefit at my age 66 based on his contributory record or once again does the Windfall Elimination Provision eliminate this? Thanks!


Can I Forfeit My State Pension And Collect My Husband's Social Security?

I have paid both into Social Security and for 15 years into the Mass retirement system. I understand that I will only receive a portion of the SS. Now, my husband is collecting his SS at age 66. If he were to pass away, I realize that I'm not entitled to his SS benefits at all, if I'm not mistaken. My question is - can I forfeit my pension (which is small) and collect his SS which is more generous? I find this whole system maddening. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Does The Agreement Between The U.S. and U.K. Have Any Effect On My Situation?

My questions is about WEP. I am 69 and will be retiring in August this year. I am a UK national and worked there for 20+ years and started receiving the National Insurance (equivalent to Social Security) and USS pension (Universities superannuation System) at age 60. Together these are about $1,280 a month (depending on exchange rate). I have worked in the US for 14 years and paid into SS (I got married January 2017). I was told in the SS office that my SS monthly benefit would have been about $1,080 a month but because of WEP it is about $566 a month.