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Will My Social Security Be Reduced If I Receive A Survivor Pension Based On My Husband's Government Work?

I will be eligible for Social Security full benefits at 67. My husband will have a municipal government pension that will have a survivor option. If he predeceases me, and I collect the survivor government pension benefit, will my social security be reduced? Thank you.


No. Receipt of a survivor pension based on your husband's government work would not affect your Social Security benefits, regardless of whether you're receiving your own Social Security retirement benefits or widow's benefits.

Best, Jerry

What Is The Formula For Computing My Wife's Spousal Benefit If She's Getting A Government Pension?

My wife and I are both retired, She was a Government employee and receives a pension. I am 72 and she is over the FRA. What is the formula for determining her Spousal benefit? Do I subtract two thirds of her pension from my Social Security and she gets the balance, or is the formula different?

Thanks, Rick

Hi Rick,

Does The WEP Applied To My Benefit Also Affect My Wife's Spousal Benefit?

When my social security benefits were approved, WEP was applied. later when spousal benefits were approved it was half of my PIA. But the WEP calculators in the ssa site shows the spousal benefit as equal to half the 90% first bend point value which is far higher than what she is getting. Should my spouse also be paid with the WEP or is the calculator figure right?


How Can This Be Legal?

I worked for many years in UK and when I filled in the form for my Social Security I was told my UK pension would be deducted from my US Social Security under the Windfall Rules even though I paid in over 24 years in USA. How can this be legal? I paid in fully to both systems and now am told I'm not entitled to both. Can I appeal? I have an appointment on Jan. 7th with my local Social Security office.
I'd be very grateful for your advice. Thanks You. Sandra

Hi Sandra,

Would There Be Any Offset Of My Social Security If I Get My Husband's Pension?

My husband has a federal employee pension and no social security. I have a teachers pension. If he dies before me is there any offset from his pension and my SS.


No. If you receive a civil service survivor pension based on your husband's federal employment it will not affect your Social Security benefits.

Best, Jerry

Is $24,675 The Correct Substantial Earnings Amount For 2019?

I plan to retire early next year (hopefully sometime shortly after February 1) and will receive a lump sum check for Vacation and Compensatory Time. I have a pension for work that I did not pay into Social Security, so my SS will be reduced because of the WEP (I have not started receiving SS yet). However I currently have over 20 years of "Substantial Earnings", so if I can earn enough in 2019 to meet the Substantial Earnings amount (I believe for 2019 that is $24,675), I can add another year to offset some of that reduction.

Is My Friend At Risk Of Social Security Reclaiming The Funds They're Currently Sending Her?

Hello, an older friend of mine recently lost her husband. She is 89. His monthly social security benefit was about $1,800 per month. She taught for many years in the Illinois public School system and collects an Illinois teachers retirement pension of about $2,400 per month. She had also been collecting $90 per month from Social Security based on Social Security eligible work. She had always been told that the GPO would wipe out any Social Security survivor's benefit she might be eligible for.