Can Someone Help Me?

Sep 24 2019 - 7:12am

Yes my name is Jessica I'm from Central SC but am living in woodruff sc my whole life ive been getting social security and my mom was over it . I got locked up and then they stopped it... The whole reason I was getting social security was because I can't work because I have bad seizures about 2 and a halF years ago I've not been able to take care of my self and can't get a job because of my seiures I filled out the application for social security and been waiting for some time now and I really need my SSI disability can someone please help me

Hi Jessica,

I'm sorry, but if you've applied for benefits there's probably no way to speed up a decision on your claim. It generally takes several months for Social Security to reach a determination on whether or not a person qualifies for disability benefits, so there's probably not much you can do except wait. You could try contacting the office of your U.S. congressional representative or one of your U.S. senators, but it's doubtful if even they could speed up the processing of your claim. Also, you may want to double check with Social Security to make sure that there's nothing else they need you to do.

Best, Jerry