Eligibility For Benefits

Will We Both Receive Our Retirement Benefit?

I can't get s straight answer......my husband is already collecting ssa off his record. When I retire do I also collect my full benefit based upon my record? In other words do we continue to receive 2 checks?

Yes, you will each receive your own retirement benefit. You may also be eligible for a spouse's benefit off of your husband's record before you file for your retirement benefit.

Does My Wife's Dual Citizenship Entitle Her To Benefits?

My wife was born in Washington State in 1954. She resided in America for about one year and came to Canada once her father completed his university studies..

One year in America, 61 years in Canada.

She retains US citizenship, it is difficult to cancel, and has a US passport as required for travel into and out of America.
She does not seem to be allowed to vote. She is more recently required to file largely redundant US income tax reports, despite the US/Canadian tax treaty that worked for decades.

Can My Non-Citizen Parnter Receive a Widow's Benefit Based on My Record?

I'm 64 years old, an American citizen residing in Israel, and have been receiving Social Security Benefits for the past year and a half. I have a partner (female), who is not an American citizen and is currently 60 years old. We have been living together for 11 years following the passing of my late wife. My question is, in the event of my death, would my partner be eligible to continue receiving all or part of my monthly benefit? If so, how would she need to provide evidence of our partnership? Thanks, Yuval

What Benefits Can I Get if I'm Divorced and Disabled?

I am 60 yrs old. I was married for 10 1/2 years and have 2 kids, one still in college. I worked full time almost my entire life. I was recently seriously injured and am unable to work and am on medical leave from work with surgery pending. My ex-husband remarried. Can I draw from his Social Security if I am rendered disabled while mine continues to grow? How would I accomplish the above. If I disabled and am unable to pay for college, can my son become eligible for Social Security benefits. Thanks, Arlene

What Benefits Can I Receive Based on My Ex's Record?

Hi, I am 68 and retired at age 67. I chose to wait to apply for my SS retirement until age 70 in order to maximize my benefit. I just read your book and found that I can take a divorced spousal benefit between now and age 70. I talked to SS and my ex earned more, but since I get 50% of his benefit as a former spouse, my own retirement will probably be higher at age 70. Should he pass before me, however, SS estimates that a divorced widow’s benefit will be higher than my own retirement benefit. Will SS inform me of his passing if I am receiving divorced spousal benefits?

Am I elegible for other benefits?

Hello- I am 71, receiving SS since I was 62. Husband was 74 when he died Aug. 2015. He was also on SS. His SS stopped when he died and I was told I would not receive any other benefits since my earnings were higher than his during our working time. Is this correct? I still have all the bills, but only 1/2 the income?

Sorry for your loss. Yes, this is correct. You get the higher of your retirement benefit off of your own work record or the benefit that your husband was receiving when he died.