Eligibility For Benefits

Could My New Wife And Step Children Receive Benefits On My Record?

im 73 yo male collecting full benefits...looking to get a divorce and remarrying . a divorcee with 2 small children ages 4 and 7..will my ss benefits assist me in raising the 2 children and new wife..they are not from the united states..and if i passed away later in life will they be able to benefit from my ss... thank you..


What Benefits Is My Ex Eligible to Receive?

Hi, my ex-wife, born July, 1950 to whom I was married for 23 years, had to file for social security disability at 64 1/2. She turned 66 July 1 which made her eligible for divorced spouse benefit 50% of my full retirement age benefit. The social security office first said it could not be done because she was disability, but after consulting with supervisor agreed. They processed the application wrong under both records and now say she does not have the spousal only benefit because she had already received disability. Could you help us prepare for her appeal? Thanks, John

What Benefits Are My Wife And I Eligible For?

Dear Larry,
I am presently 69 years old and have lived and worked outside of the US for about 45 years. I last worked for an American company in 1977 and have been employed by non-US companies subsequently. As a result of my foreign employment, I was unable to contribute to Social Security after 1977 (even if I wanted to)!
I have, however, accumulated the necessary number of quarters of employment prior to 1977 to qualify fully for Social Security benefits, which I intend to apply for upon turning 70-1/2.

When Is My Wife Eligible for Spouse's Benefits?

I am 61, born on Jan 2, 1955, and my wife turned 65 Nov 23, 1015. My wife home schooled our 3 children and never worked enough to collect social security, while I understand that I will be eligible to start collecting full social security in March, 2021. I do not plan to start collecting my social security until full retirement age or later. When will my wife be able to collect 50% of my benefits, and what will we need to do to get that started?
Thanks for helping!

What Benefits Are My Wife And I Eligible For?

I immigrated in my sixties and am a US citizen. I started working in US at age 62 and have been paying social security taxes. Now I am 73 and have 40 credits . When I visited SSA recently I was told I can apply for retirement benefits but they are not sure about the spousal benefits saying my earnings are far too less. I did not put in my application yet . My latest Social Security statement also does not show spousal benefits but indicates survivor benefits for spouse. My wife has not been working.
Q1. Is my wife eligible for spousal benefits?

Why Isn't My Wife Eligible for a Spouse's Benefit?

I waited until I was 70 to file for SS. I get $3,506.80 per mo. My wife, who will be 66 on 11/20/17, started taking her SS at 62. She gets $1,017.00 per mo. I bought your program for $40 and ran us through it. My situation is pretty straightforward...I do nothing. Her's I don't understand. I thought she was supposed to get half of what I get at some point. Is that point when she turns 66? Thank you for any help. Mark

Am I Eligible for Divorced Spouse's Benefits from an Ex-eife thet I Married and Divorced Twice?

I have been divorced twice to the same wife lets call her Cindy (1st: May 1980- June 1985, second (Dec 1985-May 1991).
From July 1985-October 1985 I was married and divorced to another woman, lets call her Mary.
Can I claim SS benefits from Cindy? I am 65 now, so close to FRA. She is 70 and already filed and has a very high benefit amount.

Why Can't I File a Restricted Application for Spouse's Benefits?

I am 68 and self employed, divorced from Spouse #1(currently age 26) for 26 years after a 12 year marriage. I am continuing to earn. I went to SS to file on my ex spouse' record a restricted application while my credits continue to grow until age 70. I was told I could not file because I had already filed on my children's behalf when I reached FRA and they were both still in school.Now that the youngest is off to college and I am no longer collecting,why cannot I file the restricted application on my ex' record?