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Am I Eligible for Divorced Spouse's Benefits from an Ex-eife thet I Married and Divorced Twice?

I have been divorced twice to the same wife lets call her Cindy (1st: May 1980- June 1985, second (Dec 1985-May 1991).
From July 1985-October 1985 I was married and divorced to another woman, lets call her Mary.
Can I claim SS benefits from Cindy? I am 65 now, so close to FRA. She is 70 and already filed and has a very high benefit amount.

I understand that you were married to Cindy from May 1980 to Jun 1985 and from Dec 1985 to May 1991 and are currently single. If this is correct, then you are eligible for divorced spouse's benefits off of Cindy's record, since you were married to Cindy, even though interrupted by divorce, in each of the10 years before the final divorce from Cindy.

Jul 3 2016 - 9:15am
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