Why Isn't My Wife Eligible for a Spouse's Benefit?

Jul 3 2016 - 10:30am

I waited until I was 70 to file for SS. I get $3,506.80 per mo. My wife, who will be 66 on 11/20/17, started taking her SS at 62. She gets $1,017.00 per mo. I bought your program for $40 and ran us through it. My situation is pretty straightforward...I do nothing. Her's I don't understand. I thought she was supposed to get half of what I get at some point. Is that point when she turns 66? Thank you for any help. Mark

Your wife's spouse's benefit is the greater of her retirement benefit at her full retirement age (FRA), not her reduced early benefit, or one half of your retirement benefit at your FRA, not your increased benefit ate age 70. If your wife is currently receiving 75% of her FRA retiement benefit that means her FRA benefit is $1,356. If you are receiving 132% of your FRA benefit that means it is $2,657. Hence, her FRA retirement benefit is greater than 1/2 of yours.