How Will I Receive My Delayed Retirement Credits?

Dec 13 2017 - 5:07pm

I'm planning to file for my delayed social security retirement benefits on Sept 2018. I will be 68.5 years old. Will I receive my first check in Oct 2018 for 21 months of delayed credits and then in Jan 2019 receive the full 30 months of delayed credits? My birthday is March 4th 1950. I initially wanted to delay credits until I was age 70 but am running out of money. Thanks for your advice.


If you file for your retirement benefits effective with September 2018, your initial benefit rate will include 22 months of delayed retirement credits (i.e. March 2016 through December 2017). The additional 8 DRCs for January through August 2018 would eventually be credited effective with your payment for January of 2019, but Social Security only does those types of recomputations every other year so it may take until the latter part of 2020 before you actually receive the increase.

Before filing, you may want to consider using the maximization software available on this website to compare your options so that you can make the best possible choice.

Best, Jerry