Widow's Benefits

Will My Wife's Widow's Benefits Be Reduced If She Takes Reduced Spousal Benefits?


Question regarding Spousal and Survivor’s benefits.

If my spouse obtains her spousal benefit before her FRA then her spousal benefit will be reduced from otherwise. Understood!

Now should I pass AFTER she is older than her FRA will her Survivor’s benefit be reduced as well? Or because she is then beyond her FRA will she then obtain her full benefit?

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Can My Deceased Father's Common Law Wife Claim His Benefits?


Can my deceased father's common law wife claim his social security benefits? She is a Canadian citizen.


I can't answer that question without much more information. Canadian citizens can be eligible for widow's benefits from Social Security, but they must meet all of the requirements for entitlement (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.04/handbook-0401.html).

Can I Receive Widow's Benefits Now?


My husband passed away in May at the age of 69 and had been receiving social security. Do I receive any social security benefits? I am 49, and working full time. If I don't receive any right now, do I receive any later on if I am not married and still working? If so, at what age should I apply? 6-? It sooks like I can collect his until I retire and then I lose his, but collect mine. I am not sure if this is the case due to our ages. Thank you in advance.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Does A Person Need To Be Drawing Benefits In Order For Their Spouse To Receive Survivor Benefits Upon Their Death?


I am asking these questions for friends. The primary wage earner was born in Oct 1953, the wife April 1953 making her 64 and him 63 and 9 months. He is dying. He probably will not make to his next birthday. He probably won't make it to August 2017. He is NOT currently collecting social security benefits, but he is at the maximum available to collect if he was 66, according to his SS account. My questions are
1. Does he need to be collecting SS for her to receive survivor benefits?

What Was The Minimum Age Requirement For Someone Born In 1929 To Be Eligible For Widow's Benefits?


Larry: My mother was born in 1929. What was the minimum age requirement for her to draw Social Security benefits as a widow? What was the minimum age if she would not have been a widow?
Lastly what was the full retirement age for people born before 1930?

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Would My Sister's Widow's Benefit Rate Be Reduced Because She Received Reduced Spousal Benefits?


This is not for me but for my sis. My husband and I are planning to take benefits at 70. My sis worked but her SS calculated benefit at age 62 was not as great as filing under her spouses work record. So when he reached full retirement age she began collecting on his record. She collects less than half of her spouses current $1600. I dont have the amount. If he passes will her benefit be increased to his current full $1600 / month benefit or will it continue to be reduced because she began collecting under his benefit early at age 62?