Retirement Benefits

Will Working In Non-Covered Employment Reduce My Social Security Benefit?

Paid SS for 40 years. Working now for a school system that does not hold SS BUT REQUIRES 8% pay into teachers retirement that I will never be eligible to receive benefit. Does this reduce my SS retirement benefit when I retire? Do you pay SS voluntarily to not have zero average. Thanks for response


As long as you don't receive a pension, or lump sum in lieu of a pension, based on your non-covered work, it won't cause any reduction in your Social Security benefit amount.

Will My Earnings After Filing Be Used To Calculate My Benefits?

I filed and suspended early this year. I am not getting any benefits and pay medicare directly.
I continue to work.
Under my status of file and suspend as I continue to work do my earnings continue to count?

I ask because when I go to and try to see my ss report it says I don't have a report since I am already getting benefits.

I understand that I will be rewarded for waiting till 70 to start my social security benefits and also my wife will be able to benefit when she turns 66.

Should My Wife's Benefits Increase Since Mine Did?

In May of 2015 I turned 66 (my wife was 69 at the time), I did a file and suspend and my wife filed for a spousal benefit. My PIA at that time was $2,438.00. In July of 2016 I received notification from the SSA that my monthly benefit has been changed to $2,568.00 starting Jan 2016. The letter said, “We made this change because you continue to earn credit for working”. They go on to explain that when you apply for benefits, they figured the benefit amount based on your earnings at that time. The truth is I have not worked since I did the file and suspend.

How Can I Get Access To My Work Record?

I am a retired Veteran, widowed at 52. I applied for widow's SS benefits at age 60 (and quit working) and will switch to my own benefit at age 70. Prior to receiving widow's benefits I could monitor my own work record/projected benefits online. I have since been shut out from my own record and can only access info on my current benefit. This makes it near impossible to make long-term plans with any accuracy. How do I get access to my own work record /projected benefits again?


Foreign Worker -- Can I Collect?

Hi Larry:
I am from and live in Honduras, from April 1 2000 to April 30 2009 I worked with Work Permit for a Company in New York. Due to the Company not being able to continue in business for the bad economy I was laid down.
During that period of time I accumulated 40 points of Social Security. After several months being unemployed, also begin to feel sick having no health insurance came back to Honduras where I got really sick.
By October 18, I will turn 62. Am I entitled to any type of benefit from the Social Security?