Am I Supposed To Get A Higher Social Security Check For Being A Veteran?

Aug 31 2017 - 6:13am

hi....... just wanted to know if I'm supposed to be getting more on my social security check for being a veteran...thx................


I can't answer that with a simple yes or no. Social Security adds deemed military wages (DMW) to the actual wages that people receive for their periods of active U.S. military service ( These deemed, or extra, wages are then included when calculating the person's retirement or disability benefit rate.

Social Security started automatically adding DMWs people's earnings records in 1968, so if all of your active duty was after 1967 then you've almost certainly already received the proper credit for your service. But, if you had any period(s) of active duty prior to 1968 you would need to submit proof of your active duty (e.g. form DD-214) to Social Security when you apply for benefits in order to receive the proper credits.

Best, Jerry