Public Assistance Payments

Is It True That I Won't Get Penalized If I Work?

I am SSDI with IHSS and Food Stamps. The SS agent told me I would be 66 December 2018, and I could work and don't get penalized. What happens with my SSDI and FOOD Stamps. What'sthis thing work as much as you want now?


Your Social Security disability benefit (SSDI) will convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits effective with the month you reach your full retirement age (FRA) of 66. Starting with that month, you could earn any amount and not lose any of your Social Security benefits.

Does The Department Of Social Services Help Those Who Are Disabled With Any Types Of Assistance?

My question is. I am on full SSD due to two failed back surgeries. The Dr. S have told me I will eventually be in a wheel chair. With that being said. My monies from disability just barely pay my rent. This does not cover household products toiletries, auto ins. Electricity. So my question is , does the dept. Of social services help those who are disabled with any type of rent/ housing assistance? I live in New York State.


Would It Affect My Social Security If I Apply For SNAP Benefits?

Hi, I am 42 years of age. My wife is 38. My wife is not earning anything. The amount of our joint file was $42,450 for 2017. We have 2 kids 9 years & 7 years. My father is 69 years & he is getting snap benefit. He is citizen. But we are immigrants. If I will apply for snap benefit then will it effect to my retirement/social security benefit ? Or, what kind of benefit will I get ? Thanks.


Can I Apply For SNAP?

I am 63 yrs. old and have been on SSI Disability on a permanent basis. I have Section 8 Housing and was wondering if I can apply for SNAP as after paying all my bills, I am left with no money for food. I sometimes go to a Church Food Bank. Most always beans and rice and rotten produce (veggies an fruit) and no staples like milk or any other staples. I only eat once a day as I don't have much to eat. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.


Does My SS Disability And Pension Count When Applying For Assitance?

When applying for assistance with energy programs or food stamps, does my disability SS payments and pension count as income, or only my disability check. I don't want to be deceptive when they ask for my "income" and am not sure if I have to tell them about the pension. I am trying to figure out if I qualify and I'm not sure if the pension counts as far as my income. I'm in NJ
Thank you


What Should I Do About My Son's Welfare Being Stopped?

welfare stop my son benefit because he gets survivor benefits ssi what should i do...


I'm sorry, but I don't have enough information about your son's situation to be able to give you any advice. I can tell you that 'welfare' payments are generally needs based, so it's not surprising that such benefits would be affected by your son's receipt of Social Security survivor benefits.

Best, Jerry

Do You Know Of Any Other Resources That I Can Get?

Hello. I am on SSI and have been for 3 year's I moved to Florida from California in July this year.
I knew moving here that social security would lower my payments I have applied for food stamps and they are only giving me$20.00 a month. When I applied for food stamps was told that I would probably get$130.00 a month.
Do you know of any other resources that I can get?

Why Would Someone On SSDI Get Less In SNAP Assistance Than Someone Who's Working?

Why is it that someone who is on SSDI with a fixed benefit amount of $801 receives less in state SNAP assistance than someone who is not on SSDI, but who earns the exact amount from a working wage? For example; in the state of Idaho (this situation seems to apply to every state), two people who have the exact same expenses as far as rent, child support, etc. will have a vast difference in SNAP assistance. The person on SSDI receives an average of $72/month in SNAP, while the other individual working for $801 a month receives an average of $144/month in SNAP assistance.