Is It True That I Won't Get Penalized If I Work?

Oct 12 2018 - 6:36am

I am SSDI with IHSS and Food Stamps. The SS agent told me I would be 66 December 2018, and I could work and don't get penalized. What happens with my SSDI and FOOD Stamps. What'sthis thing work as much as you want now?


Your Social Security disability benefit (SSDI) will convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits effective with the month you reach your full retirement age (FRA) of 66. Starting with that month, you could earn any amount and not lose any of your Social Security benefits.

That doesn't necessarily apply to your food stamps, however. I don't know what type of benefit you're referring to by IHSS, but if that's also a needs based benefit then I would assume that those benefits might also be affected if you start working. Social Security is my only area of expertise, though, so you should check with the agency paying your food stamps and IHSS to see what effect work and earnings would have on those benefits.

Best, Jerry