Public Assistance Payments

Can I Apply For Welfare Or Any Other Benefits?

Dear Larry...70 yr male in NYC. Recently come upon hard times
I get $750 in SS . Can I apply for welfare or any other benifits
I am 4 months behind in rent @$2200 per month. Im looking into Senior housing hard to find a place

Thanks so much/Abe

Hi Abe,

I'm sorry, but my only area of expertise is Social Security. If you are married now, or if you were widowed or married for more than 10 years and divorced, then you may qualify for additional Social Security benefits based on a spouse's work record.

How Can I Get More Food Stamps?

How can i get more then $16.00 in foodstamps. My son and i both get ssi well i get ssdi and he gets ssi and the foodstamps people keep telling that im on a food group with ss but every time i ask ss about they say it's not true. I spend more on food then anything


I'm sorry, but Social Security is my only area of expertise. You'll need to check with someone at the agency that administers the food stamp program in your area, or someone knowledgeable about that program.

Best, Jerry

How Do I Find Out If I Can Get Food Stamps Or Other Benefits?

I receive 1430/mo. on social security and that's my only income...I'm 66..I have a retirement account I can draw off of. how do I find out if I can get food stamps or other benefits in state of Washington


I'm not really sure, but here is a link to the state of Washington Department of Social And Health Services:

Best, Jerry