Filing Strategies

Will Your Book Help Me?

Larry, I will be 75 this August, been receiving social security benefits since age 62. My wife will soon be 65 and contemplating what to do about SS and retirement. Will your book help in our situation - the 10-year age disparity and one on SS and one thinking about it.

Thankx for your time.

Fr. Ray O

Hi Ray,

I think your wife would find the book helpful in making her decision, and she may also want to consider running the maximization software available on this website.

Spouse's benefit

I'm in a situation i haven't seen addressed so want to see if anything could be beneficial. I am female, receiving benefits since age 62 (I am now 68) Spouse is younger, will be 62 this Sept. Is there anything that would help to maximize benefits? What if he starts benefits before 66? Thank you for any suggestions

Can I repay benefits and get a "Do-Over"?

I will pass 74 years old in September, have been collecting SS since age 65 + 3 months with current benefits +/-$2,140/month. Universal praise for your work addresses best approach to determine best time to claim but I am well past that. Does your software enable re-starting SSI (with repayment of benefits received to date) to gain higher payments after use of your software? I am able to make lump-sum repayment of SSI received to date, am most interested if your software will enable improvement of my position going forward. Standing by, looking forward to your response.

When should I purchase MaximizeMySocialSecurity?

Hello Larry. I am 56 year old male. I am interested to learn more about maximizing my SS benefits and am interested in purchasing your access for my household, however, I am concerned that since I am at least 6 years from SS benefits (at which time I will be 62 y.o.). Is your information relevant to me today, or should I wait until I get closer to 62? Perhaps in 6 years there will be no SS or so different that your information no longer applies ?

Thanks in advance

How do I maximize my Social Security benefits?

How to maximize on Social Security Benfits ?

Maximizing your Social Security benefits depends on the specifics of your situation, i.e. your marital status, your age, your past and future covered earnings, and if applicable, your spouse's age, and past and future covered earnings, whether you have eligible dependents, etc.
The easiest way to maximize your benefits is to enter your specific data into a high quality program like our "MaximizeMySocialSecurity".


Are We Missing Anything?

My wife and I both took our SS benefits at age 65 -- mine in 2008 and my wife a year later. Are there still any opportunities to get additional benefits at this point in time. No dependent children to support, no divorces, both in good health.


Probably not. It's too late at this point for you or your wife to take advantage of delayed retirement credits, as well as filing strategies such as one of you filing for spousal benefits only at full retirement age, then switching to your own record at age 70.

Do We Have Any Options?

I'm age 80 and wife 76. She still works part time as an independent consultant, $5,000 per year. We both began taking SS at age 65. I was a very high earning venture capital partner up to age 70. Suggestions?


Unfortunately, you can't go back in time to take advantages of delayed retirement credits, nor strategies such as one of you filing for spousal benefits only at full retirement age, then switching to your own record at age 70.