Filing Strategies

Can I Receive 50% of My Wife's SSDI Benefit?

I was born 9/3/50 and will reach full retirement age in two months. My wife was born on 4/5/57 and is currently receiving SSD. I had heard that I could file and suspend my benefits and receive 50% of my wife's. When I went to the Social Security office, a female employee told me that the new law ended that. Reading your article in Forbes now has me wondering if that info was correct or not. Can you elucidate?

Will We Be Deemed?

Hi, My wife will be 65 this year and I will be 64. Neither of us are currently taking SS, but she is planning to take her's this year, one year before her FRA, and I am planning to wait until I am 70. We realize that her monthly payment will be slightly less than if she waits till her FRA of age 66, but I would like to know whether she will be able to do that and still switch to a spousal contribution when I finally take my social security at age 70.

Is There a Better Strategy for Us?

Hi, I started receiving my Social Security benefits when I turned 62, two years ago [~1100/mo]. I had 'retired' from the City of Portland in 1998 with a Medical Layoff that was 'supposed to' turn into a Disability Retirement. Standard Insurance refused the Disability Retirement, after Appeals. So I considered my 'early retirement' as delayed Disability payments. My wife will turn 63 in October. At this point in time, are there any 'strategies' we can use that will increase our income?

How Should Spouses with an Age Difference File?

Hi, I will be 69 in April, 2017 and my wife will be 42 in October, 2016. I have been collecting SS since 2014 all the while working full time (as a high school teacher). I intend to work at least until I am 70 (full time and then substitute teach after that). My wife works part time at 2 jobs (40 hours or more per week). Any suggestions as to how to maximize our benefits? Thanks, Mark

What Is Our Best Strategy?

Hi, I turn 67 in early July, 2016. My full retirement age was 66. My wife is six (6) years younger than me. Since she has been 100% disabled for about the last 13 years, she has been collecting SSDI. Prior to becoming disabled, she worked on and off, mostly in secretarial-related positions (i.e., not as a high wage earner), while raising three children. We estimate that during her working career, she had about 10 years of full time employment (with some sporadic part-time employment).

Can I Still File A Restricted Application At Full Retirement Age?

With the recent changes to the file and suspend rules, I wanted to ask about a related topic which I believe is called the "restricted spousal benefit". My wife's birthday is 11/4/52 and my birthday in 3/3/53. My wife's social security benefit is approximately 25% of my benefit. The way I understand the "restricted spousal benefit" my wife plans to start taking her benefit at 66 and at 66 I plan to file for the "restricted spousal benefit. At 70 I plan to file for my "full benefit" and at that time my wife plans to file for her spousal benefit.