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Is Social Security Correct?


Thank you so much Jerry. I am very grateful for your help. Can I just ask one more question about my situation? Is Social Security correct that, because I filed and suspended my benefit 1/14/2016, I am not eligible for Survivor Benefits while I wait until 70 to take my own benefit? I was surprised to learn this (there was no mention of it when we met with a representative to initiate File and Suspend) and had seen nothing about it in discussions of the file and suspend strategy.

My original question and your response are below. Many thanks again.


Am I Allowed To File And Suspend?


I will be turning FRA (66) in August 2017. My long-time, trusted CPA/Financial Planner recommended to file and suspend until age 70. Last year, I learned about the Bipartisan Act of 2015 and found out that I was a few months "too young" to apply for the file and suspend benefit that expired in April 2016. When I called Social Security three weeks ago, I was informed that I did not qualify for the file and suspend option because I am single and without children. In all the research I did a year ago, I did not read about this exception.

Can I File And Suspend My Benefits So That My Wife Can Draw Spousal Benefits?


The more research we do the more confused we become on filing for SS. The financial advisers seem to be unclear or avoid the direct question I want to ask. But here goes. I am 66 and my wife is 65, can I still go to SS offices, file and suspend, and can my wife go the the SS offices and file for spousal benefits? She has worked all her life, but her benefits will be less than mine, so the plan is for me to wait until 70 so she can draw more social security benefits when I pass. Thank you for looking into the matter.

Why Can't I Get A Benefit Estimate Online If I've Filed And Suspended My Benefits?


HI Larry,

I've filed and suspended so that my wife can claim spousal benefit when she turns 66 (Both of us plan to start taking benefits on turning 70.). Since filing and suspending the social security website no longer shows my estimated/projected benefit amounts. Is this normal? Does this even make sense or do they like to keep us in the dark and surprise us later?



Should I File And Suspend When I Reach Full Retirement Age?


I am 60 and receiving SSDI from my late husband's account. He was also on SSDI at the time of his death. Would it be worthwhile to file and suspend at my full retirement age of 66 and 4 months and wait until 70 so pick up the extra 32%? Does this even apply in my case?


I'm not sure from your description exactly what type of benefits you currently receive, but I assume you mean that you are drawing widow's benefits, and that you are not receiving disability benefits based on your own account.

Will My Wife Lose Her Spousal Benefits When I Start Drawing At Age 70?


In August 2015, at age 68 I did a file and suspend strategy for my SSA benefits, and my wife at age 66 suspended her SSA benefits and filed for Spousal SSA benefits under my account.
When I turn 70 (Sept. 2017), I will rescind "F&S" and file for getting my SSA benefits.
My question is -
Will my wife lose the Spousal SSA benefits she is currently receiving when I refile?
Or, is she still eligible to continue receiving Spousal SSA benefits until she turns 70?

Should I File And Suspend At Full Retirement Age?


I am a single man who will reach full retirement age next month and I called SS Admin to find out how I file and suspend. The agent said that I did not need to file at all until I was ready to take benefits and that my account would accumulated Delayed Retirement Credits until age 70. SSA Agent also said that SS would not start my benefits until I apply. Is this all correct? Look forward to your answer. David

Hi David,