Is It True That I Don't Need To File For And Suspend My Benefits At FRA?

Aug 7 2017 - 6:51am

Larry i was told at ssn that i do not have to apply for ss at full retirement age,then suspend . then pick it up at age 70 and get 32% more than at age 66. the social security office said just keep working, and at age 70 draw your full amount +32%for waiting until age 70. is this info correct? i want to get the most out of social security because i am a retired federal worker. as you know they take some of my ss. away from me, so i would all i can get.

thanks Larry for any info on this matter.


Yes, that's correct. The potential advantages of filing for and suspending benefits at full retirement age (FRA) were largely wiped out by the 2015 amendments passed by Congress ( You'll accrue delayed retirement credits in the same manner whether you file and suspend at FRA, or simply wait and file for your benefits at age 70.

Best, Jerry