File and Suspend

Would There Be Any Advantage To My Filing For And Suspending Benefits?


Hi, Larry I was born in 1955 and will reach my full retirement age in April of 2021 (66 and 2 months). I am single, never married and have no dependents. Is there any advantage to my filing for (applying) AND suspending benefits 3 months before I reach my F.R.A.? I have read that if I want to wait longer than my F.R.A. (up to age 70) to actually receive benefits in order to increase the monthly amount, a strategy of file and suspend would allow me to receive suspended benefits owed to me starting at my F.R.A.

Thank You.


No question, just a "thank you"!

Your advice from 2012, to "File and Suspend" was the best financial information that I have ever received!

When I turned 70-years-old in 2016, the difference in monthly check was about 25%. In addition, I have continued to work full time at my career-high salary, so I receive an increase in my monthly check amount each year.

I have an appropriate Income Tax amount withheld from each month's check and the remainder just goes into a savings account.

Again, thank you!


How Can I Start Up My Benefits?


In March 2016, when I was 66, I filed and suspended my Social Security benefits. I am now 70 and am trying to activate them. My local SS office seems to say that I have to go through the whole filing process again. I had hoped that there would be a way they could simply "flip a switch" administratively to start my payments. Isn't there an abbreviated way to start payments, since I already filed in 2016? If so, can I do it online, or must I go in to the local SS office? [Online would help, since there is a backlog for appointments at the local office.] Thank you.

Was The File And Suspend Rule Abolished?


Hi. I read the updated edition of Get What's Yours before Christmas and I confess that I may not have retained some information that I need. I am confused about the "File and Suspend" rule. Was it abolished by the most recent Obama era legislation, or can I still claim it when I turn 66 on October 27, 2019? I was born on 10/27/53 and am single -- never married. No dependents.


Hi A,

Can You Help Me Understand The File And Suspend Rule?


Current age: 651/2
Spouse: Deceased

I wanted to take advantage of the file and suspend rule:

I wanted to claim my ex-husband's benefits and freeze my benefits until a later time. However the social security agent told me that I could not do it because my spouse's amount was smaller so I could not file and suspend.

I thought that I could collect his at the lower rate until I was ready to claim mine.

Can you you help me understand.


Is There Any Reason Why I Should Register For My Benefits And Suspend Them Before Age 70?


I am employed full time and turning 69 in September. I have not registered for Social Security and don't intend to start collecting until age 70. Is there any reason why I should register and suspend before then?


Not unless you have some special reason to do so. You'll receive the same amount of delayed retirement credits (DRC) whether you file for and suspend your benefits until age 70, or if you simply wait until age 70 to apply.

Best, Jerry

Can You Confirm This?


Can you please confirm the Social Security (SS) strategy called “File and Restrict” is A). Is a different strategy than “File and Suspend”, the latter no longer permissible; B). File and Resyrict is still available. Two sources inform me File and Restrict is still available: They include 1). A SS agent in person during an on-site meeting & 2). an AARP SS expert who responded in writing. Two other sources inform me it is not available both were SS personnel, one on the phone & one st the front window of a SS office. Thank you.