Family Benefit Maximum

Can My Daughter Get Her Full DAC Amount And Still Get Benefits On Her Own Record?

My daughter is a DAC currently receiving $640 in SSDI on her own record. Using Max my SS, I will retire at FRA in October, 2018 and receive PIA of $2728. FMB is $4,776. SSA is telling me that my daughter's SSDI will terminate and she'll be entitled to 50% of her share of the FMB (4,776-2728=2048x50%=1024). My wife gets the other 50%. My understanding was that she would continue to get her own SSDI and receive the difference between 1024 and 640. Also, since she is dual eligible, can she claim the full 1024 and still get benefits on her own account?
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Does This Sound Correct?

Hi Larry, I’ve read your book and have used your software - -thanks for both! My question has to do with the family maximum benefit and the benefit for a parent caring for an adult disabled child. I have enough credits to file for SS benefits but my spouse does not, and we care for an adult severely disabled child (who now gets SSI). If I file at 62, and my spouse (who will be 59) and child also file then, based on my earning’s record, my understanding is that my daughter and spouse would each receive a benefit equal to 50% of my PIA.

Would It Make Sense To Discontinue Child Benefits Just Prior To Unsuspending My Benefit?

I am a 68 year old male born in April 1950 who has children aged 19,17,14, and 11. My wife is 50 years old.
I made the cut-off in April 2016 at age 66) for filing for soc security benefits for my children while I also formally filed and suspended my benefits with a goal to resume (unsuspend) my benefits at age 70. I plan to continue working to age 75.
My 11 year old will continue to receive dependent child benefits through December 2024 (turns 18 Jan 2025).

Am I Calculating This Correctly?

I understand that waiting until age 70 to take SS benefits will provide the maximum benefit, but in my case I will be subject to the family maximum sooner as both my wife and disabled adult daughter will also be receiving benefits based on my work record. I am trying to calculate the minimum age, after I retire, that I can start to receive SS benefits at the family maximum amount. My current SS statement estimates my monthly benefit at $2973 at my full retirement age of 67. I calculated my family maximum as $5202.31 [1.5*1144 + 2.72*507 + 1.34*503 + 1.75*819].

What Strategy Would You Recommend For Our Family?

I am 64 and my wife will be 63 next month. We have a 20 year old disabled child who is currently living with us. Our daughter will rely heavily on Social Security benefits since her earnings will be minimal. My question has to do with maximizing her Dependent Adult Child (DAC) benefits. My social security benefit statement shows my benefit at FRA as $2390/month, at age 70, it will be $3220. The Maximum Family Benefit is shown as $4090.

How Do I Determine If My Son Is Dually Entitled Or Simultaneously Entitled?

Both my husband and I collect social security on our own records starting at FRA in March 2016.
In 2017, my husband collected $2647, and I collected $1002. They had paid me a spousal benefit starting in March 2016 but sent a letter of overpayment in Nov 2016 and now only pay me on my record citing FBM.