Family Benefit Maximum

What Are Your Thoughts On Our Case?

In February 2016 , at age 66, I (Michael, husband) filed and suspended. At that time, my disabled daughter, Beth, had been receiving SSI benefits, and also was receiving a separate SSDI benefit, believed to be based on her record, in the amount of $ 419/month. Based on my filing and suspending, Beth was granted a benefit based on my record to replace her SSI benefit; she continued to receive the SSDI based on her record. At that time, I would have been entitled to $2500/month, and the total of Beth’s two benefits approximated that.

Does The Combined Family Maximum End When There's No Longer A Simultaneously Entitled Child?

I get SSDI and I have three children who get benefits off of my record. My oldest is simultaneous entitled under myself and my ex husband. I have the higher earning record so she is paid off of mine. However it gave us the combined family max and each child was awarded a higher equal benefit. My oldest just turned 18 and her benefit has stopped. I was told her benefit would be rolled out to the younger two children. However this month it was not and they actually took money away from each of the younger two kids.

Can You Explain The Parisi Case And It's Effect?

Can you explain the Parisi Case and its effect? Our daughter is dually entitled to her own SSDI and CBD on my husband's record. SSA is using this case as justification for determining her total benefit to be less than 50% of her dad's PIA---I also collect parent in care benefits, which is 50% of his PIA. However, my benefit at 50% and her CBD benefit are well below our calculated family maximum. We have been unable to get an answer except "Parisi Case"


Is What I Was Told Accurate?

I have legal custody of my twin granddaughters, age 10. They have been with me for eight years. I'm 73 and retired and drawing SS of ~$2,600/mo. My wife is also retired and receives 1/2 of my SS. I expect to be awarded adoption in Colorado sometime late this month or early next. SS told me that I can get 75% of my SS. That would work out to around an additional $2,000/mo. Is this accurate?
Thanks, NS

Hi NS,

Will The Family Maximum Still Be Split Evenly If The Survivors Live In Different Households?

My son will be receiving survivor benefits on his father's record because he is under the age of 18 (but over 16). My son's step-mother and step-sister will also be receiving survivor benefits on his father's same record but in a different household. Will the Family Maximum be divided among all 3 dependents, or will my son have his own Family Maximum because he is living under a different household?


Will Social Security Give My Son Disabled Child's Benefits From My Record?

Hi Larry, if I may, I have a few questions.

I am married with a disabled child who was disabled before age 22. I will be electing to take early retirement this April (Birth Month) at 62. My PIA is $1,149. My reduced benefit would be $828./monthly. Auxiliary Benefits for other family members are $862./monthly, with a Family Member Benefit (FMB) of $1,724./monthly. My wife will be 60 in February and will continue to work.

Am I Correct About How My Family's Benefits Would Be Calculated?

I plan to file for SS at age 62, this year. My estimate for early retirement is $1986/mon. Full retirement amount shows $2755. I have a disabled daughter presently 35 but disabled pretty much from birth. When I called the SS office, I was giving an approximate amount for my daughter somewhere in the $900 figure. I have read in your forum that child benefit could be based on 50% of my full retirement amount. I was expecting to hear a figure of around $1377.5 based on my full retirement. My family max is $4822. My question is; am I correct