Family Benefit Maximum

Is This The Way It Works?

Our 38 yr old daughter has been disabled since birth. She has worked part time for several years and receives SSA based on her own work record. My husband and I just applied for retirement benefits starting in 2 months when he reaches full retirement age (66) and I will be almost 65.. The representative told us that our daughter will now have to get benefits based on my husbands work record. His benefit will be about $2500.

Which Family Member's Benefit Is Reduced If The Family Maximum Limits Benefit Payments?

I am 62 years old and plan to retire when I turn 63 in August, 2018. I have worked my entire adult life and easily qualify for SS benefits. My wife is two years behind me and plans to retire with me in August, 2018. She’ll be 62 at that point, has worked most of her adult life and qualifies for her own SS benefit. We are trying to determine if it would be beneficial to have her climb on my SS benefit plan. I understand her benefit would be ½ of my full retirement benefit, which would be greater than if she filed for SS independently.

How Much Will My Daughter And I Receive?

My husband is 59 (full retirement age is 66 and 8 months) he wants to retire in June 2020 at 62.His full retirement amount is $2434 and early is $1755. I did not work enough to claim under my own record.I turn 62 in Feb. 2021. We have an adult disabled daughter (disabled since birth currently receiving SSI) that will apply under dads record. I have gotten the run around from SSA they won't tell me what the family maximum is and what her and I will get. I believe I am considered young spouse since I am her primary caregiver. I should collect before I turn 62 right?

How Would Our Family's Benefits Be Calculated?

My wife and I are both now 66 (she in July 2017 and I in August 2017) and we have a disabled daughter living with us on SSI who currently gets $735/month. My wife's PIA is $940 and my PIA is $2341. My wife just started receiving her monthly $940 and we were planning on my applying for spousal benefits at $470 and letting my account grow at 8% until it reaches my maximum of $3090 when I am 70.

Should We File For Benefits For Our Disabled Child?

Hi. My husband is permanently disabled and has received ssdi for about 11 years, he is 53. We have one non-disabled child and one child (3 years old) who is disabled. He does not receive ssi because we have not formally applied. Is there a family maximum you can receive? So my son could not get ssi if my husband's ssdi is too high? My husband thinks that if we applied, it would reduce his amount and we'd just end up with the same amount monthly anyway. Should we not bother? Thanks.


How Much Would Our Family Benefits Amount To?

Dear Larry,

I am considering retiring at age 62, which will be May 2018 (62 plus one month). My current PIA is $1138. My wife will be 54 when I take early retirement; however, we will have three daughters ages 16, 11, 8 by May 2018. My wife is a traditional homemaker who takes care of these three children. Can you tell me what the MFB would be for us (We also have another daughter who will be age 18 by May 2018)?

How Would The Family Maximum Benefit Be Applied In Our Case?

Complicated Max Family Benefit question due to adopted grandchildren who are currently drawing a survivor benefit. My wife and I are preparing to retire and collect SS at 62 . We are raising and adopted our 2 grandchildren. Their father (our son) is deceased and they each receive $1000 a month survivor benefits. Having a hard time finding info on how the combined family maximum works in our situation, Our numbers. My PIA is $2765, my benefit at 62 will be $1967.My total family benefit is $4803. My wifes PIA is $625, her benefit at 62 will be $450.

What Year Is Used To Determine The Combined Family Maximum?

What year is used to determine the combined family max?
I retired a few years ago and was receiving the family max due to my disabled daughter and my wife's in child care benefit.
My wife filed at 62 this year to implement the combined family limit for a higher benefit.
SSA used the year I retired to determine the limit for the combined family max not 2017, the year the 2 maximums are first being combined.
I reviewed the ssa section

Does It Sound Like We're Getting The Correct Amount?

I have been receiving social security since retiring at 65 & 9 moths in 20144(full retire was 66). My disabled adult child who was on SSI since 18 started getting SSDI when I retired. My wife who is now 62 was getting in child care. We were subject to the family max. My full PIA is 2480 with the reduced amt of 2280. My wife and daughter each got $934 for a family total of $4148. We also have a grandchild who we have custody of & care for in our household. Her mom is the disabled adult child and the father is unknown.