Family Benefit Maximum

Did The Increase In My Benefit Rate Cause My Sons' Benefit Rates To Be Reduced?

I am a divorced spouse, with 2 disabled children. The children's father took early retirement in May 2018 at age 62. I am also 62.My SS started out at $1034. My boys started at $1236 and my ex started at $2101...The first payment was June 2018. The checks increased in January for cost-of-living.

Am I Correct?

My husband's benefit is 2733 per month. His PIA is about 2297 and his family maximum about 4020. I am 66 and filing for only spousal benefits

My husband has a disabled adult son, who has been disabled since age 7.
After subtracting my husband's PIA, one would assume that his son, and I would each receive 861 per month.

Am I Calculating Our Family Maximum Benefit Correctly?

I just turned 62 (Dec 2018), but plan to wait until FRA of 66 & 4 months to claim. My projected benefit will be $2866 per month. At that time my wife will just turn 63 and we plan to have her take a spousal benefit of $1433 as that would be larger than her FRA projected benefit 4 years later. We also have an adopted minor child who at that time could get a benefit for another two years. After reading Get What's Yours- Social Security, it sound like our full family benefit would be 1.8 times my FRA benefit ( $5158.80 ), is that correct or will the family limit be lower?

Will My Wife And Child Receive 50% Of My PIA As Long As Our Benefits Don't Exceed The Family Limit?

When I file, I believe my disabled adult child, who now receives SSI, will be entitled to receive 50% of my PIA based on my record. I believe she will receive SSDI. My wife will also be entitled to receive SS under my record but she will be taking care of my disabled child. Under these conditions, will my wife also be entitled to 50% of my PIA as long as the total of my, my child and my wife's SS amount doesn't exceed my family limit? My wife will be 63 and I will be 62 when I plan to file. Thank you.


Will My Stepmom Be Able To Draw My Father's Full Amount?

I have a disabled brother Dale (56) and disabled sister Terri (47) that are drawing off my Dads Social Security. My dad passed away and their Social Security benefits went up. My stepmom is also trying to draw Dads social security since his was a lot higher than hers is. Will she still be able to draw Dads amount instead of hers since they have already raised my brother and sisters. They do not live with my stepmom. I oversee their benefit spending.

thank you


Can You Point Me To The Specific Rule That States The Amount Payable Can Exceed The Family Maximum?

Your "Ask Larry" response under the topic "How Does A Combined Family Maximum Work?" closely addresses our family situation (two parents at FRA and 1 Disabled Adult Child). Specifically, your response states that total family benefits are not limited to the combined family maximum; that is only the limit payable on one parent's record. So the total payable is actually the lesser of the statutory limit or the sum of the combined family maximum plus the PIA of the lower earning spouse.

How Would Family Benefits Be Calculated In This Case?

JOE has a FRA benefit of $2754; wife Mary receives a pension where she did not pay into SS of $1400 a month; Mary has a small WEPPED SS benefit of her own at $156. Daughter Ann on SSI of $735. Joe wants to file at FRA. Family max is $4875. How is family max calculated.? What amount does each family member receive? I realize that when Joe files, daughter Ann becomes DAC and get 50%. Confusion comes because wife Mary has her SS benefit reduced by the WEP and, if she files for a spousal, reduced by GPO. VERY COMPLEX AND CONFUSING TO ME!


Would My Wife And Daughter Both Get Half Of My Full Benefit Rate If I File At Age 62?

I am a federal employee under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). FERS is a 3 tiered system consisting of a Pension, a 401K, and Social Security (SS). My situation is this. If I retire at age 62 my estimated SS benefit is $1700/mo. My estimated full retirement benefit (FRB) at age 66 and 8 months is $2400. I also have a daughter who will turn 13 one month after my 62nd birthday and my wife will be 58 at the time of my 62nd birthday.

Is There A Benefit Of Waiting Until Age 70 To Start Drawing My Soical Security?

My question is considering the Maximum Family Benefit for situation which includes an adult child with a disability living at home. Specifically my question is if there a benefit to delaying my SSI payments until age 70? If so what are the benefits. I am 62, my wife is 57, and my son is 23 and determined by SSI as permanently disabled since his diagnosis was before 18 years of age. I plan to delay taking my benefits until age 70 which would generate 3699 of monthly income.