How Do I Request To Start Receiving My Benefits?

May 20 2017 - 7:33am

I am 69, born 12/31/47, female, never married. I successfully applied for file and suspend to collect DRC on April 26 2016. In October 2016 I unexpectedly left my job and unable to collect unemployment ins. I am still unemployed but seeking employment. My savings are being affected and want to collect my DRC. I am very concerned on exactly what to say to SS office that I want to collect ideally 13 or 14 months (the maximum I have so far, altho I could manage with less) worth of DRC. But I'm so unsure how to say it without jeopardizing the continuation of the DRC as well as not being penalized and have them revert to my original monthly amount from April 2016. Please give me the verbal presentation so I can hopefully hold off on taking my social retirement benefits until about Sept or Dec 2017. The latter is when I turn 70. Of course, I want to get as close to my full benefits as possible. I thought also I might have some kind of 6 month time frame to get this done . Not sure. Thank you for your help and what you do for the older generation. It is truly appreciated.


If you don't want to start drawing your benefits until you turn age 70, you don't need to do anything further. Social Security will automatically take your benefits out of suspense and start paying you at that time. Your first payment, which would be for the month of December 2017, would then be issued in January 2018.

If you decide to start taking benefits earlier than December 2017, you will need to contact Social Security and simply tell them what month you want to start drawing benefits. A written request isn't required, but may be preferable ( Obviously, the sooner you choose to start drawing prior to age 70, the fewer delayed retirement credits you will earn.

Best, Jerry