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What Does My Father Need To Do To Get A Benefit Increase?

Good morning. My brother and I received a message stating that our dad, qualify for an increase on his benefits. Basically, it states that his DD214 qualifies him for this increase if he was active duty between January 1959 - December 2001. He does. If this is correct information, what does he need to obtain his increast

Hi. It sounds like Social Security is referring to deemed military wages (DMW). DMWs are extra amounts added to a person's actual military wages for periods that they were on active military duty. Those extra, or deemed, wages can then be considered when calculating the veteran's Social Security benefit rate.

DMWs are automatically added to a person's Social Security earnings record for periods of active duty after 1967. DMWs can also be added to a person's Social Security earnings record for periods of active duty prior to 1968, but in those cases Social Security needs proof of the active duty dates. That's what a form DD214 provides.

If you've already submitted your father's form DD214 to Social Security then they should already have the information they need to be able to calculate any increase for which your father might be due. But, if you haven't yet submitted your father's DD214, then it sounds like that's probably what Social Security needs. It might be best to call them to get clarification.

Best, Jerry

Nov 16 2021 - 3:53pm
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