Veterans Benefits

Can My Mother File For Her Own Social Security Instead Of Widow's Benefits?

After reading some of the topics on here I realize I have ANOTHER question.
My Father passed at age 60. My Mother collected his SS Benefit. She is now 88yo and needs to move into Assisted Living Facility.
I was told she could receive a Veterans Widow Aid and Attendant Benefit for her living expenses but would forfeit my Father's monthly SS payment.
My question is If she forfeits his monthly Social Security payment can she file for her own Social Security Benefit since she never filed on her own?

Can I Continue To Receive VA Benefits And Get Social Security?

My husband was 100% va disability when he passed away 25 years ago and I do receive widows benefits, but my question is I am about to turn 60 and I want to know if I can continue to receive va benefits and social security from the years I have worked?


Your VA benefits won't affect your Social Security benefits, but I'm not an expert on VA benefits so I don't know how or if your Social Security entitlement will impact your VA benefits.

What Should Show Up On My Social Security Statement?


On February 26th you responded to Frank who had a question about deemed military wages, and stated you had never seen a case in which the deemed wages were not used by the SSA in calculating benefits.

In my case I served in the Navy from 1966 to 1971. If I understand the SSA handbook and literature correctly, for this period $300 is added to any wages earned in any calendar quarter while on active duty or on active duty for training (this is what AnyPIA does).

Is There Any Help From VA For My Support?

My husband is 43 and 20 yr retired navy veteran .He is at 50% disabled and going up in next few months . He cannot work due to ptsd .I was recieving ssi in amout of 647 but it is now taken because we married. He makes 2728 per month we have 3 minor children .I am 100% disabled .I am 49 will be 50 in dec .Is there any help through VA for my support . Child support is taken out of his retirement leaving us with 866 dollars and 1058 in disabilityafter deduction and everything we take in 1600 amonth net pay ...losing my ssi really hurt . I have MS.

Why Haven't I Received Any VA Benefits?

I sapposed to get a check from VA because my husband 100% disable do I as his wife weres the check I haven't received one and it been ,year and 1/2 now can I see the spouses money


I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about VA benefits. You'll need to contact the Veterans Administration for information. Here is a link to their website with information on how to contact them:

Best, Jerry