Don't You Think The Social Security System Is Unfair?

Jan 16 2017 - 7:15am

I worked some during our marriage, but mainly was a stay-at-home mother rearing our children. Consequently, according to SS agents, my monthly benefit results from two accounts: a small amount from my meager earnings and a larger amount from my husband's earnings. Together they equal half of his benefit. Here's the rub. I'm self-employed and pay into SS each year. I've made enough to raise my benefit each year, BUT they add the amount onto my small account and take it away from the account they set up for me from my husband's earnings. I am locked into a system that will never allow me to raise my benefit. They say my benefit can be raised only if my husband works and raises his benefit. My question: Don't you think that SUCKS?


That question's over my pay grade, so I'll defer to Larry's opinion:

Best, Jerry